Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now I Have A Craving For Oranges

Well it's been 9 short days since my last blog post; and for good reason. What have I accomplished in those wonderful 9 days, you may ask? Well I ate some short bread cookies.. uh, fought my brothers a bit, developed a nasty pain on my big toe.. you know how it is during the holidays. Luckily for me it's only December and I still have five months till a legit race.

If anyone in my Ottawa Lions group reads this, they know that we don't have our regular coach with us right now and he's been temporarily substituted for a few Ottawa U coaches who like to push us hard. Now the problem we have with this is that it's too early in the year to be running 23x 1000000000m at 800m pace. Some would say injuring a toe for a week isn't such a bad idea.

What I have accomplished in the past 9 days:
words that rhyme with orange:
- orphanage
- porridge
- door-hinge
- stonehenge
- challenge

if pronounced correctly, they can all work. thank you for your time.
Scotty D

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Here comes the time of year when everyone you meet is kind, and the smell of cookies always seems to be in the air. Downside? You have to shovel every once in a while. Upside? Everything else. Actually, lately I've been liking the idea of shoveling piles of snow off to the side of the driveway, it makes me feel like I'm getting a decent upper body workout. And I never force myself to quit. Unless I'm tired.*

Christmas candy in the house, brothers home from university, family visiting for dinner, track workouts getting earlier in the night, sleeping in later than usual; it's all good. I'll keep this short and sweet as I wish everyone happy holidays, and a fun-filled new years eve. Now I leave you with my favourite running quotes of the past year.

*"I'm not a quitter, I'm just tired." - Emma Galbraith (3 time ofsaa gold medalist)

"If I enjoyed running I'd go slower!" - Ruth Burrowes (ofsaa gold medalist in our hearts)

"The practice you miss in September is the race you lose in June." - Shannon Walton

Just had to add this one..
"I don't smack girls, unless they're bitches." - Adam Palamar (2 time ofsaa gold medalist, silver medalist)
You always know how to lay down the law, Palamar.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ball Python or no Ball Python

I'm thinking about getting a Ball Python. My parents aren't too keen on it yet, but i'm working on it. The question is, is it unethical and wrong to keep such an animal in a cage in my bedroom? I'm all for protecting animals and their rights but I have my reasons for buying it. If I buy it I'm still supporting the domestication of exotic animals (native to Africa) but I figure I'd be doing it a favour in the end seeing as it probably would end up with a far worse caretaker, or live it's entire life inside that pet store. Ball Pythons grow to about 5 feet and they suggest about a 40 gallon tank to keep them, but I'm thinking of getting a 70 or 90 gallon tank. And me and him would be bros, if it's warm enough I may even attempt going for some runs with him wrapped around my shoulders. How would that be for intriguing looks.

On another note, only one more day of school and then the break. Seeing as I'm down for the count right now I'm considering taking up another endurance sport over the break to keep me fit besides ellipticalling. Maybe nordic skiing if we start getting some snow like London, I can still see the grass...

a. noble

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Let me just get out my speedometer!"

As I sit here on my computer eating my brocoli and pondering about the meaning of life, I couldn't help but recall what my coach, Vince Fay, told us during practice today.
He said, "You're going to run 5 times 150 metres. The first 50 will be nice and relaxed and you will accelerate to about 85 percent effort."
Now here's the kicker.
"For the last one or two I want to see around 88 to 90 percent," he confidently stated.
As everyone in the group stood there like a deer in the headlights, my friend Ruth immediately turned toward me exclaiming, "Oh let me just get out my speedometer!"

So what is 88% effort? Well I've taken some time out of my day to help out the fellow runners that are ever told to run at a pace they're not familiar with. Even now, I still wonder whether I hit 88 or if I fell short. But who's to know..

0 to 9% - doesn't really count as a run. sorry, old man "running" every morning.
10 to 19% - slow jog, typically in the middle of a workout between sets.
20 to 29% - warm-up pace, keepin' it real, great speed for talking.
30 to 44% - never used in workouts or runs, mainly for a quick burst of speed to catch up to someone in warm-up.
45 to 59% - slow tempo, still a good pace for talking and making sure you look good; a little tiring, but liked by many.
60 to 69% - tempo; used by athletes all across the country, great for increasing lactate threshold and overall speed when it comes to a long race.
70 to 79% - fast tempo run, very tiring when spread over a long distance, usually run after lots of base fitness has been acquired.
80 to 87% - relaxed sprint/stride, feet moving quickly, feeling good.
88 to 90% - perfect for speed workouts containing 150s (see above), this is a sprint; good for working on form.
91 to 95% - only run over short distances. several of these in a row may result in shortage of breath, dry mouth, and body odour.
96 to 100% - Usain Bolt-like. all out, no one can stop you now. except for that really fast kid.

Scott Donald

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cryosauna's and Ski Bum's

So, Scott changed the password on me so I haven't been able to get on here in a while. I ran for 10 minutes on the mill yesterday and it felt okay, but then all of today it hurt pretty bad. Developed a theory that I may have had a stress fracture since the spring when I was injured in the exact same spot and it never fully healed and its been fractured ever since. Anyways, I think the next step is to get some hyperbaric chambers for my legs or a Cryosauna, just like Ritz.

On another note, the sickest time of year is coming around, Christmas and ski season. If I wasn't a runner, and wanting to pursue it after highschool, I would without question abandon University and become a ski bum. Be that guy that moves to Whistler or the Alps, work as a ski patrol and go heli-skiing all day. You don't get paid anything but money is overrated anyways. Just watch this video and tell me you can't love it.

a. noble

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Theory 1 by Scott Donald - It Doesn't Matter What You Do

This all started because I was always the last one finished my supper. I was stuck there, piling in some gross salad mom had made while my older brothers, Sam and Ian, tempted me with their dessert. I was 7 years old, I couldn't retaliate. "Four more bites" my mother would say from the kitchen.
'Four more? Four? Maybe one, let alone four', I would think to myself.
"If you have three more bites then your muscles will grow really big and you can beat up your stupid brothers." Good point. We settled on two.

Even to this day, my bros will come home for thanksgiving and have to go through the dreaded procedure...
"Every bite you take will shave a second off of your next race time", my mom would say to Ian. That convinced him well enough. For some reason, my eldest brother always had a weird competitive side to him; a competitive spirit that made him think he was always being challenged. Not only that, but he had to win that challenge, even if it meant pinching his nose before shovelling a few loads of colslaw into his mouth.

Now I live at home as the only child, so I get told the same thing; yet one day, I contradicted it.
"Every bite you take will shave a second off of your next race time", my mom would tell me.
"No, running fast will shave seconds off of my next race time", I said.
That's when I realized, it doesn't matter what you do, or how you get there. If you wanna get fast, you're gonna have to bring your A game, and run hard.

S. Don

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Touching the Void (anyone read that book?)

I don't know if anyone has ever heard the tale about two young pups braving the wilderness for a month and climbing the tallest mountain in the state of New York. It's almost as good as Touching the Void, a story about some guys who climbed Everest or something (sick book by the way). Anyways, this feat was achieved in record time, no less then 12 minutes from bottom to top, while carrying sherpas on our backs due to the fact they were in severe oxygen debt. With a prominence of 4,914 feet it's no Everest, but pretty darn close. I think our success on this mountain was greatly due to our huge aerobic base built up from previous months and long portage runs with 70 pound packs. I'm also inclined to believe that this really contributed to our success in the upcoming cross-country season. It was our first taste that year of absolutely demolishing our competition, the nearest finisher trudged in 30 minutes later and probably never fully recovered.

This feat remains to this day my greatest accomplishment in sport and I have started to refer to myself as Survivorman. If anyone needs any tips on braving the outdoors, by all means don't hesitate to ask. Me and Scott have tons of experience in the bush, even though Scott wimped out this year. 

A little update as well, I called my doctor and they told me there was nothing unusual about my results and then promptly hung up without waiting for my response. I'm hopefully going to get a bone scan from a NEW GP because there is no way a soft tissue injury could last this long without any stress on it. 

a. noble

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Running vs. Swimming

1 point for each awesome thing

Running                                                            Swimming
- strong legs (1)                                                - strong arms (1)
- long races (1)                                                - short races (1)
- girls in short shorts (1)                                  - girls in bathing suits (1)
- if i pee, that's awkward                                  - if i pee, it's totally fine (1)
- warm-up whenever you want (1)                     - designated warm-up time
- i have to find a road (1)                                  - i have to find a pool
- it's always clear who's winning (1)                  - it's always clear who's losing
- you can give high fives while racing (1)           - no high fives.. maybe one at the start, but that's lame
- if you have to stop, you stop                          - if you have to stop, you die
- burn fewer calories                                        - burn more calories (1)
- harder to watch at meets                                - easier to watch at meets (1)
- workout at 6pm (1)                                         - workout at 6am

Running FTW

- Scott

Monday, December 6, 2010

Return of the Jedi

Today was my first day back on the dreaded elliptical. I started off nice and easy but I could feel something weird moving on my stomach. It took a couple quick peeks and some deductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that it was my rolls of fat, gently lolling up and down my stomach. Not a good sign. Oh well, I just sighed and then kept on for another 45 easy minutes. Didn't feel good at all and my feet hurt like a bitch, but I'm going to go at it for a while and see how it goes.

Also, my doctor has still failed to call me with my results, and it's 3 days after he said he would call. I've come to the conclusion that he has obtained my x-rays but doesn't quite have the qualifications to understand them and so is going to not call me and pretend like he hasn't got them yet. I'll be calling him tomorrow regardless.

Another thing I'm working on right now is the P-K documentary. It's a huge project because we've got hours and hours of video and some of it has to be converted. If I can't finish it by Christmas for a little present for everyone then i'll try and get it done before school resumes. That's all for now.

a. noble

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I'd like to congratulate D. Wykes on his epic race today, a 2 and a half minute PB in a ballsy solo race. Finished in 2:12:39 after leading the whole race! Your getting close to that standard man, keep it up! Not to mention a nice fat 10,000$ pay check! Sick celly by the way.

a. noble

Game Time

BANG. The gun goes off. Fifteen people stuggling for position; bumping elbows, breathing down each other's necks, trying not to step on the heels of the runners in front. That's the moment you feel comfortable with the pace, nobody wanting to go out too fast in case of the dreaded EBS [Early Burnout Syndrome]. Going through 200m you hear the enthusiastic volunteer calling out "29, 30, 31". Now you're thinking, "Crap, am I going out too fast? What's the distance of this race again? Oh well, keep running." Through a quarter mile you've got your head back in the game, you remember it's a 1500m run and you've adjusted accordingly. Drafting whoever you can around the next few turns, your strides feel smooth but the pace picks up, causing an increase in turnover. Rounding with one lap to go, sprinting seems like the natural thing to do but the body tells you to keep some level of push for the back stretch. It's okay, it's just like your workout last saturday when you ran those 400s; keep it relaxed, but quick. You're givin' 'er now, 200 meters, 100 meters, 50 meters.. SWOOSH. You've hit the finish line with a thrust of the head hoping that it'll somehow give you a big pb.

This is what we all go out to the meets for. The adrenaline rush that's distowed upon you 5 minutes before the race, the effort put forth during the hardest part that shows everyone you mean business, and the agression let out at the end, maybe even with a raise of the arms if you've won. If you're anything like me, you don't wanna talk to people after a run; you just want your God damn chocolate milk. I hate talking in warm up runs and during a workout, so if you have a question, you better hope my workout went well so I'm in a good mood when you talk to me. But I digress. I know I can speak for Adrien and myself when I say that we're stoked for this track season.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Questionable Validity

I don't quite think I can fully express my craving for running right now. We're quickly approaching winter; we've had our first couple snowfalls and my bike (ghetto) is slowly becoming the only one on the school bike racks. But that also might be because no one would go through the effort of sniping my bike.  Anyways, this may be strange, but winter is one of my favourite seasons to run in. I don't know why this could be, because in theory it just sucks. But somehow I just find myself unable to hold back, and I consistently knock back 4:10 k's and it feels so much easier. I think I have some Eskimo genes in me or something, I absolutely thrive in the wintertime. Oh plus the looks you get from clueless onlookers is priceless.

However, mileage is pretty hard to do with only one working leg. My doctor was supposed to call me today with my x-ray results but of course he didn't. I'm truly skeptical about his validity as a doctor, considering he prescribed me to a dosage of 3x600mg of Ibuprofen a day, which is 9 pills (recommended daily maximum is something like 4 pills). I don't think he got the memo that such drugs actually hinder healing. That and the fact that prescribing me these drugs was his sole solution to my problem has really brought down my faith in Kingston's GP's.

My friend also backed into a car tonight and it was almost entirely my fault (jokes), but that also means ill probably be out around 500$ (sucks). Figured I would take one for the team and pay for all the damage. Maybe this means I will finally have to get a job.

Thats enough for now, I think my self induced coma from all that Ibuprofen is finally hitting me pretty hard. Or at least it would be, were I to be dumb enough to pump myself full of foreign substances.

a. noble

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new season over, a new season begun

It's that time of year again when the morning joggers get swept off the streets and replaced by the men and women who thrive off of running in spandex and compression socks. We see the races move indoors as the track season begins and the spikes get thrown in the closet to make room for a new lighter-feeling shoe that you got for Christmas.

We've already seen some impressive performances by 16 year old Adam Palamar, and 18 year old Rob Asselstine in the 3k, sprouting an 8:34 and 8:41, respectively. Look out for these kids, they'll leave you in awe as they lap you four times in the 1500. Hope to see more astonishing runs in the months to come.

As for me, I've been told by my physiotherapist to start running some easy k's, hopefully work my way back up from the good ol' knee injury that kept me lying around for the past two months. The only glimpse of racing I've watched lately was nats last weekend, having the honour of seeing Proudfoot work the hills, and Sikubwabo wash away a few seniors. Speaking of Yves, that kid's a hoot to hang around with.

Off for a night run to boost my confidence.
As Harrison Sloan would say, "BELIEVE"

- Donald

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank God It's December

I was starting to look like a cross between Sidney Crosby and Charles Manson, and I was sure feeling like the latter. I was watching a public school talent show the other day (don't ask why) and i'm pretty confident at least 90% of the gym thought I was there to take some of the kiddies for myself. But me shaving coincides with me also getting un-fat.
It's been about 4 weeks since i've done any exercise, and about 6 since i've run. Not sure what's wrong with me but the x-ray results are due back soon. I hope it's a boy, at least thats what it looks like. No but seriously with both me and Scott injured right now this blog won't start off much about us running. We both missed this entire cross-country season and the majority of last track season but are going to make a huge comeback this spring. Right now i've been reduced to a cameraman for Physi-Kult's up and coming documentary, with our last footage coming from Nats XC last weekend. The after-party was almost as big of a bust as having to stand outside all day because I got rejected by the bouncer after he searched my bag and found some cans of five-alive and an empty bottle of banned substance. Oh well, it was worth it to see Scott again and rekindle some lost love (no homo). I also realized if I had any chance of even competing for the win in the Junior Girls race I had to get serious again and back on the elliptical. Starting next week i'm going to go ballistic on that thing, I hope to be running every second day and ellipticalling the other days in two or three weeks. Scott is in the same boat as me, looking at around 2 weeks till he gets better, then it will be on. Anyways, thats enough for now, I have to go pretend like i'm doing homework for a little bit.

a. noble