Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Let me just get out my speedometer!"

As I sit here on my computer eating my brocoli and pondering about the meaning of life, I couldn't help but recall what my coach, Vince Fay, told us during practice today.
He said, "You're going to run 5 times 150 metres. The first 50 will be nice and relaxed and you will accelerate to about 85 percent effort."
Now here's the kicker.
"For the last one or two I want to see around 88 to 90 percent," he confidently stated.
As everyone in the group stood there like a deer in the headlights, my friend Ruth immediately turned toward me exclaiming, "Oh let me just get out my speedometer!"

So what is 88% effort? Well I've taken some time out of my day to help out the fellow runners that are ever told to run at a pace they're not familiar with. Even now, I still wonder whether I hit 88 or if I fell short. But who's to know..

0 to 9% - doesn't really count as a run. sorry, old man "running" every morning.
10 to 19% - slow jog, typically in the middle of a workout between sets.
20 to 29% - warm-up pace, keepin' it real, great speed for talking.
30 to 44% - never used in workouts or runs, mainly for a quick burst of speed to catch up to someone in warm-up.
45 to 59% - slow tempo, still a good pace for talking and making sure you look good; a little tiring, but liked by many.
60 to 69% - tempo; used by athletes all across the country, great for increasing lactate threshold and overall speed when it comes to a long race.
70 to 79% - fast tempo run, very tiring when spread over a long distance, usually run after lots of base fitness has been acquired.
80 to 87% - relaxed sprint/stride, feet moving quickly, feeling good.
88 to 90% - perfect for speed workouts containing 150s (see above), this is a sprint; good for working on form.
91 to 95% - only run over short distances. several of these in a row may result in shortage of breath, dry mouth, and body odour.
96 to 100% - Usain Bolt-like. all out, no one can stop you now. except for that really fast kid.

Scott Donald

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