Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ball Python or no Ball Python

I'm thinking about getting a Ball Python. My parents aren't too keen on it yet, but i'm working on it. The question is, is it unethical and wrong to keep such an animal in a cage in my bedroom? I'm all for protecting animals and their rights but I have my reasons for buying it. If I buy it I'm still supporting the domestication of exotic animals (native to Africa) but I figure I'd be doing it a favour in the end seeing as it probably would end up with a far worse caretaker, or live it's entire life inside that pet store. Ball Pythons grow to about 5 feet and they suggest about a 40 gallon tank to keep them, but I'm thinking of getting a 70 or 90 gallon tank. And me and him would be bros, if it's warm enough I may even attempt going for some runs with him wrapped around my shoulders. How would that be for intriguing looks.

On another note, only one more day of school and then the break. Seeing as I'm down for the count right now I'm considering taking up another endurance sport over the break to keep me fit besides ellipticalling. Maybe nordic skiing if we start getting some snow like London, I can still see the grass...

a. noble

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