Saturday, December 4, 2010

Questionable Validity

I don't quite think I can fully express my craving for running right now. We're quickly approaching winter; we've had our first couple snowfalls and my bike (ghetto) is slowly becoming the only one on the school bike racks. But that also might be because no one would go through the effort of sniping my bike.  Anyways, this may be strange, but winter is one of my favourite seasons to run in. I don't know why this could be, because in theory it just sucks. But somehow I just find myself unable to hold back, and I consistently knock back 4:10 k's and it feels so much easier. I think I have some Eskimo genes in me or something, I absolutely thrive in the wintertime. Oh plus the looks you get from clueless onlookers is priceless.

However, mileage is pretty hard to do with only one working leg. My doctor was supposed to call me today with my x-ray results but of course he didn't. I'm truly skeptical about his validity as a doctor, considering he prescribed me to a dosage of 3x600mg of Ibuprofen a day, which is 9 pills (recommended daily maximum is something like 4 pills). I don't think he got the memo that such drugs actually hinder healing. That and the fact that prescribing me these drugs was his sole solution to my problem has really brought down my faith in Kingston's GP's.

My friend also backed into a car tonight and it was almost entirely my fault (jokes), but that also means ill probably be out around 500$ (sucks). Figured I would take one for the team and pay for all the damage. Maybe this means I will finally have to get a job.

Thats enough for now, I think my self induced coma from all that Ibuprofen is finally hitting me pretty hard. Or at least it would be, were I to be dumb enough to pump myself full of foreign substances.

a. noble

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