Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank God It's December

I was starting to look like a cross between Sidney Crosby and Charles Manson, and I was sure feeling like the latter. I was watching a public school talent show the other day (don't ask why) and i'm pretty confident at least 90% of the gym thought I was there to take some of the kiddies for myself. But me shaving coincides with me also getting un-fat.
It's been about 4 weeks since i've done any exercise, and about 6 since i've run. Not sure what's wrong with me but the x-ray results are due back soon. I hope it's a boy, at least thats what it looks like. No but seriously with both me and Scott injured right now this blog won't start off much about us running. We both missed this entire cross-country season and the majority of last track season but are going to make a huge comeback this spring. Right now i've been reduced to a cameraman for Physi-Kult's up and coming documentary, with our last footage coming from Nats XC last weekend. The after-party was almost as big of a bust as having to stand outside all day because I got rejected by the bouncer after he searched my bag and found some cans of five-alive and an empty bottle of banned substance. Oh well, it was worth it to see Scott again and rekindle some lost love (no homo). I also realized if I had any chance of even competing for the win in the Junior Girls race I had to get serious again and back on the elliptical. Starting next week i'm going to go ballistic on that thing, I hope to be running every second day and ellipticalling the other days in two or three weeks. Scott is in the same boat as me, looking at around 2 weeks till he gets better, then it will be on. Anyways, thats enough for now, I have to go pretend like i'm doing homework for a little bit.

a. noble


  1. Should have come tobogganing. Brass Taps is some weak sauce regardless.