Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Awkward Post

Wow. I guess it's been a while since I did this. I kinda forget how to write. Let me think of what I can say. Uhh..

I ran a 4:05. Is that impressive? I dunno. A 1500 at that speed isn't a bad start. Watch for me in May.

University applications are upon us now. Don't ask me where I'm going, cause I don't know.

5 more sleeps 'till Christmas. That's pretty exciting. And happpy hanukkah.

Here's a song.

Don't judge me on how lame this post is.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beautiful British Columbia

Thursday, November 24, 2011. 2:33pm Eastern Time
Me: "Do you know Clara Langley?!?"
Patrick Smith: "Yee why?"
Me: "She's on my flight! Sooo beautiful."
Patrick Smith: "Slightly/very jealous."

Thursday, November 24, 2011. 12:16pm Pacific Time
Dad: "Can you see the mountains?"
Me: "No I can't see any mountains. It's cloudy and rainy!"

Friday, November 25, 2011. 7:22am Pacific Time
Jay Sneddon: "Do we have to do the 2k loop on the course 4 times?"
Me: "Yep."

Friday, November 25, 2011. 1:25pm Pacific Time
Me: "We're on our way to the course, you meetin us there?"
Tim Huebsch: "Oh snap you're already on your way? Kk I'll head over asap."

Friday, November 25, 2011. 9:05pm Pacific Time
Me: "You sleepin?"
Alex Berhe: "Yee."

Saturday, November 26, 2011 (RACE DAY). 9:06am Pacific Time
Jay Sneddon: "Ready to race? I'm pumped."

Sunday, November 27, 2011. 2:52pm Eastern Time
Lindsay Kary: "You guys came 3rd!"
Me: "For real?!?"

Quite the weekend; I think our team bonded more than we've ever bonded before. Yves sat us down for a good talking-to on Thrusday, telling us that we had to act as a team and do everything together. We did just that. I don't think anyone saw us without our Ottawa Lions jackets on from that point forward.

The race was tough. The race was muddy. The race was cold. The race was windy. The race was rainy. The race was cross-country.

Our team's individual positions ended up being 2, 41, 48, 53, 61, and 145 out of 167 runners. Not exactly the outcome we were set on though. Considering the fitness we've shown throughout workouts and races this year, I believe our first five guys could've placed among the top 30 with a decent run. But we came out with a bronze medal and the boys couldn't be happier.

These two photos were taken around the same spot the day before, and the day of the race. The weather clearly wasn't very happy on Saturday.


Goodbye cross country, you'll be missed. But track's been waiting for its turn.
Scott Donald

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cross Nationals

All of the races from the past few months are, without a doubt, the biggest thing going on in my life right now. But the past results and the future predictions are nothing compared to what will become of the running world on Saturday, November 26th, 2011.

Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 8:45. All the boys will be there, saying goodbye to their loved ones for a few short days; Sikubwabo, the Day brothers, Berhe, and myself. We'll be taking air to Vancouver en route to Nationals. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend.

I should have a crazy super cool awesome recap early next week.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OTFA and Movember

The wind almost blew me over at OTFAs.

Just kidding.

But it was windy.

I was gonna make a video about the meet and put it in this post but I got too excited about the race and didn't film too much. So I'll just write about it.

The course was flat. Oh so flat. The biggest hill took between 5 and 7 strides to climb. It kind of made for an interesting race. With 3 long, flat, park loops representing our course, the pace didn't slowed down. A pack of about 7 guys took off from the start and never looked back. Luckily, the pack included me. By the halfway mark of the race, our pack had whittled down to 6. Then 5. Then 4. And the rest is history.

I'm happy with a 4th place finish. Mickey and I were two of the youngest guys in the U20 race because Vince wanted us to make a team with Kieran Day and Alex Berhe. Our boys took home gold, along with the youth girls.

Here's the race. If you're more interested about just seeing the finish, you can skip to the 20-minute mark.
In other news, my Movember got DESTROYED due to the necessity of having the perfect grad photo for my mom and dad. It was a painful goodbye, but I'll try again next year.
Peace & Love
Scotty D

Monday, November 7, 2011


I could give a recap on Saturday's race, or I could tell you what impressed me instead.

What impressed me was the number of people who showed up to watch. Maybe I should be used to this by now, but crowds of people scare me. Well, not just crowds of people, but crowds of people screaming. There's something odd about having hundreds of people yell at you at the same time. I never quite know if they're mad at me, if they're happy to see me, or if they're just plain mean people. Heck, maybe I forgot to do the dishes that morning and my mom convinced everyone to scream uncontrollably as I run by them. That'd be the last time I forget about the pots and pans for a while..

What impressed me was Mr. Flanagan's 7230 metre run. Ben lost his left shoe less than 1k into the race and still managed to beat 242 other guys, including me. This kid's in grade 11. The best part is that when I went up to him after the race, he still had a smile on his face, because he set a fast pace, even without a shoelace.

What impressed me was the lineups for the portapotties. Or I guess not-so-much impressed me. Sheesh, you'd think they could send a couple more out to the site next time. I had to wait in line for a good 20 minutes behind a few young girls taking selfies and filming each other at their first ofsaa. I mean, don't get me wrong, your very first ofsaa is super cool, but it's not as cool after I smack you over the head for annoying the crap outa me. No one's patient when they need to pee.

The video below has some of the "highlights" from the senior boys race. All the other races can be found on the left side of that web page. I think the end is pretty cool when the video goes mute; it makes for a dramatic finish. That's just my opinion.

OFSAA Cross Country Championships - Videos - Senior Boys Race Highlights - OFSAA Cross Country Championships 2011

OTFA's this weekend.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NC's and Movember

So the city meet went well. It was a step up from west conference.
Twice as many people. Twice as much media. Twice as much hype.

It was a brisk 7k run along the frost-covered grass. The run was smooth and relaxed; I felt good. Another 3rd place finish kept me satisfied. A few of us were able to shave up to a minute off our times from last week which gives us confidence in running a strong race this Saturday at OFSAA. The competition will be challenging, and the pace will be fast. That's all I'm gonna say.

In other news, welcome to a new month! A month of unity among men, and hair among faces. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up every once in a while so that I can share my mogress*[see below] with you. Kudos to everyone participating this Movember. Now.. an issue that's come up the past few days is DO YOU HAVE TO SHAVE AT THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER? Many people say yes, including me. That's the point of "No Shave November" (a trending topic on twitter by the way). You shave at the start of the month, or else you're cheating. I'm not saying that it's a competition, but it kind of is.

Sources say that it is cheating. Who are my sources you ask?
1. My friends. I have had many different people state the rules to me, one of which is that the hair must start growing between October 31st and November 1st.

2. Kiss FM. --> 105.3 FM radio to be precise. They stated the exact same thing, adding the fact that we're all doing this for a good cause. So follow the God damn rules.

My brother Sam. He tweeted the other day that anyone who starts growing their Movember hair early probably has no friends. I think that pretty much sums it up.

*moustache progress [see above]

scotty d

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Know Your Course

I woke up on Thursday morning at about 9:30am. It was pouring rain. Pouring to the point that each little nook and cranny in my driveway became a puddle that I had to avoid walking through on the way to the car. Pouring so hard that the windshield wipers were at maximum speed. Pouring so much that the Hornet's Nest (our division cross country course, and 2011 ofsaa course) was completely wrecked to pieces.

Having the East Conference runners race the same course the day before doesn't help, either. This course used to be grass. I would know, I've trained there plenty of times. So many times that I know how beautiful it looks on a warm, dry, day. But on this day, the course was like a long lost cousin to me. A long lost cousin covered in mud.

I arrived just before 11am to see the midget boys finish their race. As each little grade nine kid stepped over the finish line it was like a little part of them died on the inside. It was like their spirit had literally been washed away by the rain. Cold, miserable, alone, and not knowing what to do next except collapse onto the wet ground.

After that race, the weather only got better. But the course only got worse. Hundreds of highschool kids mucking up the field with their cross country spikes, and running through pits of water until you could hear the squeak of each step as they ran past you. It was time for the senior boys.

Slow start, good enough pace for the boys to chirp Yves every time he attempted to lead the group. After maybe one kilometre, he took off leaving the rest of us in his dust. After another couple k, Alex Berhe, Mickey Day, and myself lost the pack and made it quite clear that we were fighting for the two remaining podium spots. 2km to go; we entered the forrest. With mud being splashed in every direction, we all took a big sigh of relief once the field was in sight again. "Stop slacking! Make a move!" was one of many reactions from the audience as we were still seen running together with 500 metres to go.

400.. 300... I made a move. Alex responded. What happened next still doesn't make sense in my head, and I still see it as a blur, but the details were set in stone. Alex took a wrong turn with 100 metres to go. Mickey followed him. This left me in the clear for an easy second place finish. But as I kept running, everyone was screaming their hearts out saying to turn around. They were talking to the other guys. I thought they were talking to me. I stopped, slipped, and turned my head around to see two guys sprinting right at me. Anyone in their right mind would run.

Mickey Day, an OFSAA silver medalist in the 800m, caught me on the last stride. I could only wish I had known my course 100% before turning back and making a mistake like I did. Alex has even more regrets. We can only learn from this. A shot was taken at the finish line which now represents my and Mickey's profile pictures on facebook.

Know your course. See y'all next week.
S. Donald

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Hit the Escalator

Lots of runners talk about "hitting the wall" when they've come to a point in the race when they just can't run anymore. Last Saturday I hit the escalator. A down escalator while I was trying to run up.

Picture it. You're using all of your energy trying to get up the escalator, but you're hardly moving because the escalator's going down. If you try really hard you might be able to get somewhere, but then it's game over and your body collapses. I hope you realize that this is all just one big metaphor.

It was the St. Lawrence invitational. I was running and people were passing me on the elevator. Or they were just taking the stairs because anything is more efficient than moving the opposite direction on an escalator. I think we all learned that fact at the age of 4. And I think we all had the mall cops turn off the escalators because we were being a nuisance to the other shoppers.. Oh just me? Awkward.

Great course. Tough race. I finished within the top 10 percent of the uni runners so that's all I could've asked for.

In other news, today was pre-ofsaa. There were some solid runs, and there were some upsets.
But that's cross country baby. West Conference next week.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Really not a recap

Phew. Last Friday was my first meet of the season. Recap? I think so.

Such a beautiful day it was; back on the final day of the 9th month of the 2011th year since Jesus died. The sun was shining bright and everyone's smiles were shining even brighter. After watching some future OFSAA champions run the elementary school races, it was time for the midgets to break-in the course. Then all the juniors. Then the senior girls. Then it started raining. Then the senior boys got to run.

But who doesn't like a bit of rain cooling them off throughout 7 kilometres of running? I'll tell you who; probably a small child.. or an elderly man searching for the meaning of life.

The race was smooth. I felt good and kept up a decent pace. Although there came a time when I thought I had about 2k left.. that was like 6.9k into the run. Awkward. I took home the silver while Glebe took gold and bronze.

Next race: Saturday - noon - St. Lawrence University.
21 universities will be showing up this weekend, the Ottawa Lions will have to run hard.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploding Your Ears

I was about to write a crazy post about some new stuff happening in my life.. until my facebook homepage was invaded with multiple friends sharing the same link over and over. When something like that occurs, all you can do is click on it.

My brother Sam and a few of his good buddies have been making music for years. It's what they love to do. One day when I got home from a run (see, this blog's about running too) Sammy came up to me and asked what my opinion on 'Baers' is for a band name.
"Bears, bears, how do you spell it?"
"B-A-E-R-S. Baers. Or should it have a 'Z' at the end instead of an 'S'?"
"No. Baers is good. Keep the 'S'."

Days, weeks, months down the road this music has been playing every time I see Sam. After posting songs on his blog, facebook, and twitter, Baers was finally recognized on http://www.earmilk.com/ in an article today saying that they're "almost as underground as you can imagine". I'll quote the article again with "I've never heard of the Baers before and boy have I been missing out."

Check out these mix masters.

If you're interested, there's a few more songs here that I couldn't embed. They're different, and definitely worth a look. http://soundcloud.com/baers


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I wish I was a little bit taller

As you can see, a lot of my posts have songs linked from youtube that I like. Unless you're blind, then in that case you probly can't see the songs. I mean, you're probly not chillin' on the computer surfing the internet if you're blind. Just sayin'.

It's my blog so I'm gonna do whatever I want, if y'all have a problem please let me know. If not, I hope you enjoy the music that I put here.

I know this is supposed to be more of a running blog too, so I'll start by saying that training is going well. My first cross country meet is at Mooney's Bay next Friday, so watch for the kid in the purple and gold*. If you're not there to watch, I should have a recap apr├Ęs la race.

*although this is also one of my school colours, it will also be the colour of the medal I'll be wearing later that day. Get on my level.

One big issue some runners seem to face is height (or lack there of). Imagine if I was like.. 3 inches taller. Imagine how much of a difference it would make when I run. Imagine the length of my stride. I know my brother (http://www.iandonald.blogspot.com/) had the same problem as me and was always towered over by 6-foot tall men with extraordinary kicks.

I wish..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Something About Reese's

My lack of blog posting over the summer only makes me more excited to blog this month. So don't chirp. School's starting.. blah blah blah yea it happens every year. I have better things to talk about.

So check this out.

Ya know that Reese Peanut Butter Cup commercial where the two cups come together and start turning like gears? It's nice. Here it is.
The song playing in the background is a great song. This great song just so happens to be on my ipod. Since it's on my ipod I happen to listen to it quite often. Since I listen to it quite often I happen to know that it's a song about love. When two people come together and work well they can form something beautiful.

Like when chocolate and peanut butter come together. I've always loved Reese's, it was something I grew up with. At the store or on Halloween, Reese's was always there for me. That's why I think this commercial should be longer than it already is, and maybe incorporate some of the song's lyrics into it to truly display the love that is made when chocolate and peanut butter mix.

Here's the song.
Just a little somethin that was on my mind.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life x2

As the summer comes to a close, the cross country season comes to a fresh new start. The speed workouts are quickly replaced with more aerobic-styled tempo workouts, and the running stores begin to sell gloves and hats for our cold little fingers and heads. Track is over so recording times is now pointless, but recording time between runners becomes more important.

I'm makin' sure everyone knows what to expect from me this year. No more mister nice guy. Some may say my only claim to fame is a 6th place finish at ofsaa two years ago. Others may say I'm a very handsome young man. I believe both of those statements. All I can say is that my life is pretty plain.

Oh and watch Modern Family.. that's a good show.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


As I sit in my basement eating a container full of juicy strawberries and watching the Discovery Channel, I'm also thinking about the meaning of life. In my opinion, life is something to be enjoyed at every moment. Every moment should be what you want it to be. Sometimes though, we do the things we have to so that we can do the things we want to.

You have to empty the dishwasher so that your mother is happy and she lets you go out later that night. You have to do your homework in order to pass the courses that will, in time, get you a job. You have to be nice to people so that they're nice to you. I know.. it's hard.

Most of all, I think life is everything you think it is. And music helps to show that. Without music, life would not be what it is today. No matter how short the song may be.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Here We Go

Here we go. It's been too long since I wrote a post. But that's because I haven't had anything interesting to write about. I also have priorities. So get outa my face.

This past weekend were the Youth National Track and Field Championships held here in Ottawa. I decided to skip out on this meet cause I didn't feel fit enough to compete with the guys I usually race with. Now, I see what you're thinking. "Wow this guy's a freakin' loser.. and a coward too. Why am I reading his blog?" But stop for a second. I have reasons why I did not compete against the other fabulous runners in our wonderful country.

Here we go.

I've been 'out' for about a month nursing a foot injury that came to me in early July. Since then I've been running, but not so much that I would be in any shape to run as well as I would like to. I mean, I like to show off my times when I know that I've tried my hardest and done the best that I can do. So if I don't have the physical fitness to run at my best pace, I'm not going to hurt my foot any farther by trying. Hope that makes sense.

Along with that, I was asked by my coach at Ottawa Lions to run this race because it would be my last year to be eligable for Youth Nats. I had to tell him no because I would've been racing off of one workout in 3 weeks. Hollaa, not down.

And most of all, I don't really care. Next year is when I'm gonna be showing my stuff. If I have to prove anything to anyone, it's going to happen when I want it most. Next year.

So here we go. Following up the Youth Nats which ended yesterday, I'm just gonna say congrats to P-mar for posting an 8:30 and taking gold in the 3k, and respect to Eamonn Kitchuk for surprising everyone with a 3:52 in the 1500m. Once again, this was another meet with tons of shattered records and interesting outcomes. I don't know about y'all, but I was inspired.

Ps I went for a run today and it was sick. I felt really relaxed and quick on my feet. Some call it my slick style, some call it my rad form, and some call it my ill personality. But I just call it my running swag.


Friday, July 29, 2011

The Second Wind

We all know the feeling. We've all run a long race before. The second wind. The feeling you get in the middle of a long run that gives you the power to speed up; the feeling that relaxes your body; the feeling you look forward to in every race. Typically seen in more extensive forms of exercise, the second wind is rare because it rewards the body with a new breath of air after an athlete has run out of such air. Such air we need every day. Such air we live with. Such air we run with.

Although second wind is a well-known running term, it is also commonly confused with gas escaping the back side of one's body. Saying that, if someone produces a "second wind" while running with you, they've obviously already released a "first wind", so I would suggest you either take the lead, or stop running with this person. C'mon, that's common knowledge.

I bring this topic up because track season is coming to a close. Cross country training will begin shortly and the importance of a second wind (insert your own definition here) is key. The ability to take advantage of this burst of energy can make a big difference in the outcome of a race, especially if you're at the front of the pack during your second wind (insert your own definition here).

I'm here to teach you.
Scotty D

Friday, July 22, 2011

The End of Something Beautiful

You know that feeling on a really nice sunny day when you just wanna go outside but can't because you have to clean the kitchen first? Or when that girl you've had your eye on for weeks texts you inviting you over late at night but you can't go because you have to be up early the next morning? Or when your favourite TV show is on but you can't see it because your brother's already watching a different show?

Me neither. But I bet it sucks.

Just like when I wanna run but I can't because my foot hurts. "You're such a wuss", "Be a man", and "Suck it up, bitch" are a few different statements that were directed at me from the boys at Lions. But I just ignore them 'cause that's what my mom always tells me to do when I'm confronted by bullies. Hope to be back up and running soon.

As for the facial hair, this is goodbye. After four short weeks, I've come to the conclusion that I need to move on in my life. This was just a phase, and although it was worth it, some things in life are better kept as memories. So holla, Scotty's back. Please admire who I am today before you see who I will become tomorrow.

Happy July!

Love Scott

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's A Sport?

Running is one of those sports that's so perfect it may as well be called the king of all sports. Do you need a bike? Do you need water? Do you need a racket? Do you need protective gear? Do you need a ball? No, all you need is pure speed from the core of your body. You can even do it with an ipod, mp3 player, or walkman if they still make those..

Our sport is your sport's punishment. Our sport is what everyone else hates doing. But I'm okay with that cause I hate playing baseball, and soccer is pretty lame too. Here's the thing, running is incorporated in almost every sport with the exception of swimming and curling*. You have to be fit to do any sport competitively; you have to be able to run.

As I move on from my very bias opinion of running, I will now discuss what it takes to be a sport. Yea, I'm talking about what constitutes a sport as a sport. My brother Sam (http://www.mtlivin.blogspot.com/) believes there to be 3 different types of sports out there.

The "goal sports" such as hockey or soccer where two teams must score goals on each other. This usually includes nets, and/or protective gear, and/or goalies, and/or trash talking.

The "point sports" such as tennis or volleyball where two teams or players must score points on the opponent. This usually includes a net in the middle of a court or field, and ideally, half-naked women running around in the sun.

The "racing sports" such as swimming or running where it's literally a race to the finish. This usually includes a track, or specific enclosed area enabling the audience to see competitors up close. Exceptions: NASCAR, Kentucky Derby.

So where does curling fit in here? Some could argue it's one of the "point sports", sure I'll somewhat agree with that. But what about diving? Or figure skating? Or weight-lifting? These. Aren't. Sports. I'd be happy to hear other people's opinions but as far as I'm concerned, these are activities that just so happen to appear in the Olympics.

That's all I have to say. Thank you.
skype --> sc.donald

Monday, July 4, 2011

Races Are Overrated

Alright so my races yesterday were jokes. And when I say jokes, I mean Vince came up to Mickey and I at the end of the 1500 saying, "Umm, okay that was interesting." then right after my mom asked, "Wanna explain why I came all the way from the cottage to watch that race?"

We paced Felix Zhu to a nice 4:23 personal best in the 15. In the 800 with just over a lap to go the announcer screamed, "Let's go Mickey you gotta pick up the pace!" We were left with a 2:01, not much to say there. Training tonight to make up for the lack of performance.

This one goes out to all ma homies that ain't got no dough to pay the billz, but they got the speed to outrun any hustla

Runnin' round town not just cruisin on the track,
I take an easy lead and don't keep with the pack.
But someone once told me I got the build for competition,
With my mind on the money avoiding superstition,

I rock the socks and the shorts with my swagger,
Sometimes no shirt just to show off my Schwarzenegger.
That's a reference to muscles and the arms I've got on me,
Yea they call me Hilfiger and my first name's Tommy.

Asics keep me goin hard when I'm feelin kinda lazy,
But runnin's 90 percent mental and 10 percent crazy.
The fans are the best they keep the cheers right on me,
They'll be chantin 'go donald' no more crap like 'go pre'.

It's tough though ya know there's a lotta expectation,
When I win a race like that it takes determination.
But that's why I go hard when I see what I can strive for,
I go running every day cause this is what I'd die for.

I'd love to give you an update on my facial hair but it's really hard to take a good selfie. Respect to all the ladies out there that get 'er done on a daily basis, nice selfies take a certain kind of skill.

Keep on rockin in the free world

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


You're in grade 6, the countdown is on; "10, 9, 8.." the anticipation is seeping through your whole body and wrapping around your limbs. "7, 6, 5.." adrenaline now takes over and tightens up your muscles. "4, 3, 2.." control is no longer yours, your heart has taken over and will now make every move for you. "1!" you scream; your heart pumping more than it ever has before, even more than when the teacher came around to check the homework that you never did. This was summer in elementary school.

"Screw it, I have 10 minutes left and this is my last exam. I'm outa here." This is summer in high school.

I can only imagine what it'll be like in a few years getting out in April. The future is ours.

I was talking to my mom earlier today about living the life I wanna live. I think after university I wanna go somewhere, somewhere big. I wanna do something that really defines life as something more than making money to feed my children. Of course I still believe education is essential, running is fun, food is good, music is beautiful, family is lovely. But I'm pretty sure there's something telling me to move on from eating goldfish in front of the tv before going out with my friends.

The first step to this life decision is initiative. What is initiative? Dictionary.com defines initiative as the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do. Like.. growing a beard? (click on the picture for a bigger image)
This is 5 days in, I hope you can see the scruff. If not, at least you know I'm trying. This facial hair will be my challenge for the next month or two, or until I get sick of it. The ladies don't seem to be lovin' the effort, but I know guys can appreciate it. When life gives you lemons, make some good freakin' lemonade.
Skawty D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In between it all

I just gotta say thanks to everyone who reads this blog. June will by far have the most number of hits on the site than any other month, no question. On pace for around 1300, so that's pretty chill. I guess people really like ofsaa and rock-paper-scissors. Yea well, me too. Here's what I'm gonna do.. I've brought together a few 'summer' songs and decided to share 'em with y'all. They may be a couple years old but either way, I really just wanna get the information out there ya feel me? The best part is that I'm gonna put my personal opinion beside each one, and you'll read every comment. You will. I bet you will. You probly will.. just wait. You will.

This first one is a gimme. My brother showed it to me a week or two ago. Sam, not Ian. I like Ian's taste in music though, he's a chiller. Anywhooo, if you blast this one loud enough in your house it should get everyone on their feet! But it's up to you to show off the best dance moves. And if that's not enough to convince you to listen, it's from the greatest movie about stories about toys ever. Randy Newman ftw.

This one's kinda weird. I tweeted it to a friend earlier today, and I'm still not sure if that was a good idea. I feel like it's a guy version of Nicki Minaj, Pink, and Lady Gaga. But that makes it seem terrible, so don't trust me. I really really want you to listen though cause it's a classic. For the record, Macklemore has much better songs.

Okay so you can't go wrong with The Temper Trap. You may have heard this one from a movie or commercial or something, cause that's where I first recognized it. It combines love, with passion, with energy, with fusion, with heartbreak, with more energy, then finally, more heartbreak. All you can do is let the sweet sweet tender music loft into your eardrums until you pass out from the beauty we call sound.

Last one. It's just a sexy tune. Lemme know if you can't imagine yourself riding your bike down the street to this song, head held high, swaying to the beat. Cars better watch out, cause you'll probly be in the zone.

That concludes this bloggy blog post. Stay tuned for other cool stuff that I might share with you later. As we all know, summer has officially begun. Guarantee I'll have some pb's comin in the next few weeks too.

l8r h8rz

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Respect the Rules

The rules of shotgun are quite simple. The first person to yell "shotgun" once they're in sight of the car gets the front seat. Now, in the past, 'shotgun' has been used to call the last burger in the freezer, or the last slice of bread that isn't the end piece. I would like some opinions, if there are any, why the shower cannot be subbed in for a car, burger, or slice of bread..

Today I walked out of my bedroom and into the hallway with a towel wrapped around my hips. I was intending on simply and peacefully making my way through the threshold that is the bathroom door, dropping my towel, and turning on the taps of the showers, with no complaints, interruptions, or whining. Yet, here comes my brother Sam, walking straight to the washroom with his towel upon his waist thinking to do the exact same thing as me. My cat-like reactions immediately shot through my body; telling my mouth to shout out the well-known and well-appreciated word "shotgun". I knew I had my brother beat. I could walk proudly past him and into the shower with no hesitation.. if he was someone else. Quickly after I yelled shotgun, my soon-to-be nineteen-year-old bro claimed that we had to do rock paper scissors - best two out of three. I tried to convince him that my shotgun call held true, but as my mother came bounding up the stairs contradicting me, I figured I had to cave. "Alright fine, two out of three."

We both started out with rock. Strong choice. Nothin' beats rock.

Thinking he would immediately change his fist to paper, I laid down scissors.. terrible move. Sam came back with rock again and beat my flimsy cutters.

Alright, so this guy's just doin rock, I'll try my third option. Boom, he lays down a rock again but it quickly gets covered by my paper. The score's 1-1, there's no way he's gonna hit me with another stone.

I'll go back to rock. Nothin' beats rock. He finally changes his game plan. As he pulls out the scissors, his eyes lock onto my fist and a sign of regret rolls down his face. Never choose scissors.

So is it my fault he didn't obey the rules of shotgun? Or is it my fault the rps gods and shotgun gods came together to smite him? Or is it my fault I'm really good at rock paper scissors? Who knows.. but next time, I'm not doing scissors.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Day 0
This is Day 0 cause we got there on Wednesday, and that doesn't count as one of the ofsaa days, duhh. We arrived at our hotel in Sudbury and immediately went outside for a warmup run. Alex and I had to leave a note for the late arrival of our roommate, Mohamed, telling him not to touch our stuff or "I'll punch you in the legs." The note also mentioned where he had to lay his stuff and where he would be sleeping. We figured since there were only 3 of us in the room, each person would get their own bed before their race the next day; I raced Thursday, Alex was Friday, and Mo was Saturday.

Day 1
We got a decent sleep-in, waking up at 10ish to catch a 12 o'clock bus. As we made our way to the track, the hype was big, and the race to the sweater line was even bigger. That line is always long, and it stays long for hours. The trick is to find someone you know that's already standing in line and start up a conversation. I did that a few times until I ended up right at the front in no time (please use this knowledge wisely, no one likes an obnoxious line-cutter).

My 1500 race went okay. I ran my second best time, but it wasn't very close to my best. I've had a terrible cold for a while now though so I can't make too many complaints about the kind of race I ran. I finished in 4:05, almost ready to close my eyes fall and asleep right when I sat down.

Day 2
Once again we got a nice sleep-in, bused to the track and found the shaded bleachers near the finish line; ready to watch the steeple chase finals, and 1500 finals. Between those were some impressive 100s and 400s; Andre Ford capturing a national record running 10.53 over 100 metres... in grade 10. Ouch, call the fire department cause this kid's hot. Also, Brandon McBride posted a nice sub 47 second sprint in the 400, winning the senior event as a grade 11. The 15 final started out slow. Denault ran a sick race, leading most of it at a comfortable pace knowing he could have a shot at winning if it came down to a kick. It came down to a kick. Yves took it. King also ran an extraordinary race coming from the back of the pack to take 3rd. Have a look.
Day 3
This was probably the most exciting of all 3 days. We had a bunch of 200 finals, 800 heats, 800 finals, and 3k's. The only problem was that it started off in the pouring rain. We got to the track and headed inside Laurentien University. They have an indoor track with basketball courts surrounding the middle, so a few of us decided to play some b-ball. It didn't take long for Denray and Mo to start a shooting competition before the races began. It went a little something like this..
(the first one didn't count) Shout out to Mohamed Souleiman for also sinking 3 for 5, but not telling me to film it. It must've been a pretty good warmup cause Mo ended up placing 6th in the 800m. Although, as we were playing Seb was reading a book right beside us and he came 3rd, so I might hit the books before my next 1500.

That's all I can think of right now, and I gotta go do some stupid english assignment.
So bye bye my friends.
- Scott

Friday, May 27, 2011

Off to Sudbury

Alright here we go. East Regions. As you read the rest, I want you to play this song, cause it'll make the mood so much more epic. Credz to R.C. for showing it to me.

Yesterday was a little overwhelming. I got to the track where there were hundreds of people lining the fence and bleachers. All of a sudden the intensity hit me, like a burst of wind, right in the face. I found a friend in the bleachers watching the 200s and sat with him until I saw someone else I knew. And someone else I knew. And someone else. Kids I hadn't seen for years cause of my lack of track meet attendance over the course of grade 10. It was definitely something I've missed while being injured.

So we got ready for the 1500; same old, same old. I talked to Alex and Yves a little bit. They were ready to rock. The race went out fast, in about 62 for the first lap I believe. The next 700 metres must've been a bit slow cause I ended up finishing in a 64. Congratulations to Mr. Sikubwabo for breaking Mike Wood's regional record with a 3:50 (alone), and also to David Cashin and Riley Johnston, both hitting 4 flat. I was fourth at 4:01. The race was close. Almost too close. Everyone was together with 200 to go, it just came down to the kicks. Berhe ran a spectacular 4:03, and Seb Saville broke his PB by 15 seconds by running 4:04. A total of ten PBs were set by Ottawa Lions runners in the span of about 4 hours.

Today was kinda weird. In an extraordinary way. It seemed like there were a bazillion meet records broken.. in the pouring rain. But a little rain never hurt nobody. Especially Seb again, posting a 1:52 in the 800; a 5 second personal best. Mickey Day also had a great race finishing in 1:58. In the 3k we have Yves, Tristan, Dave, and Dylan moving on next week, so good work boys. I was sixth at 8:52 right behind Riley, no complaints.

Already can't wait for next year. But as for this year, I'll be reppin Nepean at ofsaa.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Off to East Regions we go. Congratulations to everyone who qualified, next week's gonna be big. The meet is gonna be held here in Ottawa for the first time in a while, so holla to anyone around town.

Today was something special. I learned that you can be puking 20 minutes prior to your race and still come first in the city (thanks Mickey Day). I learned that a certain someone loves receiving candy from people, but always spits it out when the person looks away (thanks Yves Sikubwabo). I also learned that being boxed in feels really epic once you escape from the pack. Nuff said.

Came second in the 1500 today with Alex very close behind. Wish I could say Yves was behind me but I'm not sure it's possible for him to run over 4 minutes. Our slow start caused a slow middle, which caused a fast end; finishing in 4:11. Berhe and I were alright with the run. I'm sure we were both feeling we coulda gone harder just so we could have a decent qualifying time, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I hate cookies. I'm in to crackers these days. Gold fish. Well, I don't hate cookies, I think I just love to hate them.

That's all. Happy long weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My boy Jay commented on my last post asking why I never write about him, so I pondered about that for a moment and decided that this one's gotta mention him somehow.

We were both racing the 3k today so we kinda hung around the track together and checked out some other races going on. Once we were called to sign in for the race I remembered that I had to get an interview in with him. Got that done and immediately headed to finish our warm up. Let me just mention right now that my 10 minute warm up run with Jay was probably the single longest time in my 3 years of knowing him that he was silent. Anyone who knows Jay knows that he's a talker. That's who he is, he likes conversation. But Jay was more focused on his race than I've ever seen him before. Luckily I got him to talk a few minutes later..

Jay ended up qualifying for East Regionals placing 6th with a time of 9:37, a 14 second personal best. As for me, I was able to run a steady race and finish in 9:08; good enough to come second and save some energy for the 1500 tomorrow.

I'll be posting again tomorrow.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Runner's World

My running world has changed! It's been taken by the muscular calves and flipped upside down! Alex Berhe, a so called 'basketball player' from Woodroffe High School, is now my training buddy. After running a hard 1500 in 4:06, this kid stays on my heals to hold on with a 4:07. Later in the same day we decide to take it easy on the 3k, but kick the last lap. Coming second to Yves once again, I lay down a time of 9:22. Where's Alex? 9:23. He makes things exciting, and that's why I love him.

I'll be running with this guy for the rest of the school season and right into the club season now that he's training with the Lions. Hopefully we can both stay healthy and rip it up in the weeks to come. So shout out to Alex if he's reading this, city meet on Wednesday and Thursday.

Next thing..
Tristan Woodfine just made a blog so check that out on the right side of my page. His first post was today and he talks about pretty cool stuff. But watch out, he's a triathlete. They tend to blog 3 times as fast as the rest of us, with 3 times as much information cause they train for 3 times as many sports.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life's Good

Not too much to say these days. Running's going well, workouts are hard. The west conference meet is on Thursday so I'm pretty pumped for that. I'm also pretty pumped for The Hangover 2 to come out this month, hopefully you can relate with me.

I'd like to share with you one of my many favourite songs on this musical planet. It's by Miracle Fortress. If you've never heard of them I can start by saying that none of their songs on youtube have any dislikes, so that's pretty legit. I'll let you judge the rest for yourself.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magically Fast

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to run really fast and not try very hard? Have you ever believed that it wasn't possible unless you were superhuman or Usain Bolt? Have you ever just wished you were Harry Potter and you could cast a spell to make you run faster? Yea well, me too.

This happened to me yesterday. We were at Mooney's Bay track doing a workout for the first time this season and Vince told us to get our spikes on and run 2x200m at 1500m pace. I was so relaxed for the first one that I thought, if anything, this was gonna be a slow 200. I went through in 27 seconds then turned to Alex beside me and laughed about it; not believing it was my real time. I tried to tell him that we started at the wrong spot and that it wasn't a full 200 metres... cause I don't just run 27s for no reason. He proved me wrong and made me look like a fool in no time. The next one was 28, I didn't know what to say.

Next was 4x400m at 3k pace. We came through 4 seconds faster than what I was lookin for, but it felt like we were 4 seconds slow. There was even a wind on the back stretch. I coulda gone that fast for the rest of the workout, it was abnormal. We were basically going as fast as Harry on his Nimbus 2000. Let's just hope the same thing happens at the meets this month.

Every blog post needs a couple HP references.
So happy May 1st, and may the force be with you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You TV

I think I have to thank Family Feud for my introduction to competitive running. Every day at elementary school, lunch would start at 11:55. Family Feud would be on channel 13 at 12:00. It took five minutes to walk home from school; then I'd think "oh perfect I can see the whole episode". But no. I had to make my lunch too. Like c'mon, who watches tv without food? By the time I was finished making my lunch it would be like, 12:08 and I'd have missed a third of the show.

So I would run. I would sprint out those Broadview doors and I would run home to butter up a piece of toast and catch the beginning of the episode. My best time was one minute and I was home by 11:56. I used to envy my brothers who got out at 11:40 for lunch, and I would always wonder why they didn't take advantage of Nepean's early lunch hour, like seriously... Family Feud is sick.

The days I would get home by 11:58 I'd just hit myself over the head, knowing that I didn't try my best. But that was alright cause I can cover a pita in peanut butter in like 2 seconds anyway.

Yours truly,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carleton Place

"Oh the 1500s start at 2:00." Rubbish. Senior boys are usually last to run so I was thinking I'd probly start around 2:30, meaning a 1:45ish warmup start. Myself and various other nepean runners got back from an easy run by 2 and headed for the start line to finish the rest of our well-planned-out warmup.

We all stood there for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes.. I think my race started around 3. My body basically cooled itself down; I had to do a second warmup. Not only was the meet unorganized, but the high jump area was placed across our 1500m start line, having the jumpers run across the track in order to clear the bar placed right on the edge of lane 4.

But ya know what, it made for an exciting meet. There was no sign-up, no bib numbers, no names being recorded, no spikes, no pavement.. oh wait that's right, the meet was on an asphalt track. This 'fun' meet suddenly became stressful. Everyone looking around at what other people were wearing on their feet, wondering if they should wear a long-sleeve shirt, I mean, it's windy. No one knowing if they're in the next heat, or even if there are two heats for their age group. Then there's Yves standing there complaining about all of it like that would help the situation. "I don't even wanna run today," he would exclaim. "If anyone runs under 5 minutes they'll beat me." Yea okay there.

"Bang!" The gun went off. The first 200 metres felt like we went through in 40 seconds. "Oh damn," I thought. "We're on 5 minute pace. Yves totally called this." The rest of the race was pretty relaxed, but tiring on the legs. I just wanted to step aside and run on the grass, although I'm pretty sure you get disqualified for that. I was told that my unofficial (stopwatch) time was around 4:18 which I can deal with.

Next race: April 29th at Terry Fox track (15? 3k? Who cares?)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Tips 1.0

Okay so it's officially track season. These days it feels like everyone I talk to about running is worried for my safety. Considering I've been injured the past two seasons, that makes sense. But c'mon, it stresses me out. The past week I feel that I've been running a little too much, so in fear of getting injured again I figured I would bike on Thursday and take Friday off. Well something happened on Wednesday. What was it, you ask? I had a conversation. I had a conversation with a teacher I haven't talked to since last year; the most inspirational and helpful teacher anyone will ever know (don't worry, this story's goin somewhere). The teacher's name is Mr. Tenthorey. The conversation went a little something like this:

So Scott are you still running?
Yea I am, I actually got a meet coming up on Tuesday; can't wait to race.
Nice, trying to follow your brothers footsteps? *laughter*
Oh I passed his footsteps long ago. I'm carving my own path. *more laughter*
That's good, I'm glad to hear it.
Although lately I've been cursed with a few knee injuries, so it's been hard to do as well as I'd like.
Oh really? Where on your knee, outside or inside?
Both, but most recently it was the inside. Lots of people call it 'runner's knee'.
I've heard of that, the muscle right on the inside of the knee is actually my strongest. It's used for jumping; I can jump like a foot higher ever since I started biking every day. Do you own a bike?
Uh, yea?
Take the seat off it. That keeps you in a half-squat position and takes the pressure off of the glute in order to build strength in the legs.
Since when do you know so much about running?
Technically it's not running knowledge at all.

So I went spinning on Thursday during my school track practise. Lucky for me, the seats on those bikes make you wanna pull out a gun and shoot yourself in the butt. I wasn't sitting for most of the ride. My legs already feel like they could roundhouse kick Chuck Norris in the face. Success.

See ya on the track.
S. Don.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

No one can do everything

The weather's warming up and it's the perfect temperature for outdoor runs. You know what I'm talkin about; say goodbye to those cold cold cold days when you had to decide if it was worth piling on clothes just to run for 30 minutes. And if you wanted to be warm you could just go to the gym, but really, go to the gym? Treadmill's suck. The sun is on your side now, it's scaring away the snow so that you can put on a pair of running shoes and cruise through fields of grass. Here's my favourite part though.. there's some things about outdoor running that I just can't do. Let me explain further.

I can't do snot rockets. I know, I'm a runner. I'm on the roads and track 6 times a week, I have time to practice. But every time I try to shoot snot out of my nose it gets caught on my shirt or the wind just blows it back in my face. So, realistically, I don't try that very often cause snot is pretty disgusting.

I can't finish slow. I can't be 400 metres from my house after 50 minutes of running and not sprint. Maybe you're different and can keep your pace, but I just feel like I have to be tired by the end or something. I live at the top of a hill too, so I always gotta give some sort of push at the end. It's just one of those things.

I can't cross my eyes. I guess that doesn't really have anything to do with running, but I wish I could do it.

I can't focus on one thing. My mind wanders from the lady at her front door, to the red glare of the stop sign, to the lines on the road, back to the lady, down to my watch, then up in the trees. If I only I was this visual while driving.. sheesh I'd have my lisence by now. Unlike outside, I can focus on the track cause there's only one thing to look at. I think I have ADHD.

Just my Sunday thoughts. Happy running.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food Rules

Over the past year or two I've been concentrating on what I eat in order to stay in the best shape possible. Aside from the occasional bag of chips that gets shovelled into my mouth, I like to keep it simple and just eat what my parents make me. I've assembled a few food rules to show you guys. Just cause. Your choice if ya wanna follow 'em.

Eating what stands on one leg (mushrooms, plants) is better than eating what stands on two legs (chickens, humans), which is better than eating what stands on four legs (cows, chairs, pigs). Hopefully humans and chairs are a no-brainer.

If it's called by the same name in every language, it's not food. For example: Pringles, Big Mac, Cheetos.

Shop around the outside of the grocery store. That's where the girls are. Nah I'm just joshin', that's where all the fresh foods are kept, as opposed to all the processed foods which are piled in the middle. But seriously, girls don't like the aisles, trust me.

Don't eat foods that are advertised on tv. All the big companies can afford to advertise; they're the ones that are able to persuade you to eat what they want you to eat.

Avoid all foods that say "low-fat" or "nonfat". When fat is taken out of the picture, sugar is added to make up for the loss of flavour. That's right, drop your low-fat yogurt and go back to eating the normal stuff cause it's just as good, if not, better for you.

I'm here for you. Now you can eat well, my friends. Some interesting posts are coming up soon with all the relevant track shenanigans.
Love, Scott Donald

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've been running so much that my watch battery died. I know; insane. I gotta go get a new one.

Kidding. If you believed that than you're weird cause watches run 24/7... they have to tell time. Running has nothing to do with the battery. Plus, why would I get a whole new watch when I can just get an 8 dollar battery? Sweet deal, that's what I call a BONUS.

Running's going well, I feel light on my feet and I've been working a bit more on my speed. I get my braces off on Tuesday so hopefully that'll trim down on some un-needed weight.

April at a glance
April 19th Hybernation Meet, running the 1500 and 4x300 relay. Asphalt surface, gonna have to find some flats.
April 28th uOttawa Invitational, hopefully there's a 3k. Come race me.

That's all I have to say for now I guess.
Stay flyyy,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Good Runner

As we quickly approach track season there's one thing that's on everyone's mind. Who are gonna be the predominant runners out there? Although, the one thing on my mind is what makes them the predominant runners. Yes, I am going to tell you what makes someone a good runner. But not in the way that you may be expecting.. who honestly cares about food; it's all good. Training; yea that's important. Sleep; whatever. These days people care about personality. So here it is, steps to becoming a good runner - by Scott Donald.

1) Humour - They say laughter is the best medicine. They say laughter helps you learn more easily. They say laughter increases your heart rate. If I were to go out on a limb and say that runners want to be healthy and good at what they do, I don't think anyone would contradict me. Humour gives a different aspect to the running world. The sport is known as such a competitive activity so no one really gives it credit where it should be due. So learn a few jokes to tell before your next workout.

2) Intensity - Take a second and throw away the idea of humour, because intensity is one of the most important things to have. It means you have the drive, the motivation, and the mindset to get where you wanna go. It's the foundation of who you are as a runner. It's the ground nation of who you are as a stunner. It's the round creation of who you are as a.. shunner. Take it from a guy who runs the streets and knows what's up, intensity is a must-have.

3) Good looks

4) Ability to accept defeat - Ya win some, ya lose some. Some win some more than some others, and some lose some more than some others lose. Winning some always comes with losing some so if you expect to ever win some, get ready for some to be lost because some don't always go your way.

5) Knowing what to do, and when - Sometimes you just gotta wreck everyone, but sometimes you gotta lay off. Snoop Dogg once called me (yea we text and stuff) and told me to drop it like it's hot. So I drop it like it's hot.. on the track. Long distance running is all about pace so you gotta know when to be hot, and when to cool it off. Trust your judgement.

Love y'all

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Monday Ever

How I Met Your Mother starts at 8 so I gotta make this quick. Vince is gone so our coach for the week is Ray. Ray is gone so our coach for the night was Natalie. I called it from the start, "Damn, Ray isn't here, Natalie's gonna make us do like 15 400s." That was a bit of an exaggeration obviously, but the workout was 10x400m @3k pace.

For some reason I was still tying my shoes when everyone took off in their respective groups to start the workout. So, like anyone would, I started cursing in my head that I had to run the 4's by myself. Luckily Seb was late and walked up to me right as I finished the final knot on my perfectly-tied shoe.

Normally Vince makes us do drills and strides for the first half hour or so before beginning the running, but with the uni groups they waste no time getting right into things. Start at 5. Finish at 6. Cool, HIMYM starts in two hours.. I got time. For every Monday as long as I can remember I've started my workout at 6, finished by 8 and had a drive home that takes exactly 29 minutes. Thanks a lot CBS, couldn't put my favourite show half an hour later? Each time I walk in the door I wanna punch something. Then I get a text from my buddy Josh asking if I saw it, like my answer would ever change week after week.

Thank you Vince Fay for staying down south another week, cause tonight I meet Barney's dad.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Theory 3 by Scott Donald - Take the week

I know what you're thinking.. "Scott hasn't posted anything on the blog for like, 6 days!" Shut up.

I just got back from Tremblant with a couple buddies. And no, as weird as it may be, I didn't go downhill skiing. Now you're thinking, "What?? Why didn't Scott go downhill skiing?" Shut up. I went cross country skiing instead to do a little cross training. I substituted it right in for my runs. The plan was to make this week relatively easy for me in order to start over and build up in the next two months.

This is where my third theory comes along. Everyone's gotta take that one week where they lay off the difficult stuff. This occurs a few months before major competition. March break just happens to fall right into that time slot for me. So here's the story..

I've been off my latest injury since the start of January and I've been building and building; increasing and increasing my mileage so that I peak at the right time. Duh. But what's happened to me the past two seasons is that I just kept going. I kept going hard, I kept getting good enough to think that I could keep training my butt off. This resulted in injury.

The week of rest calms everything down. Not only does it calm the mileage down, but it calms the nerves down. This influences the body and the mind to then take a step back and climb the stairs again, taking the following couple of weeks to ease back into things. Don't get me wrong, the week has to be active rest, but it doesn't have to be hard. The best thing about it all is that it doesn't affect performance two months down the road.

This comes to Theory 4 by Scott Donald - The 2 month rule. But more on that later.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little of everything

So I got home from track at like 12 today, only to find that I was going to be a main component in the building of a bed in our new guest room. No eating. Build now. It wasn't a difficult process, because ikea makes it easy, but it took about an hour of my time.

What do I smell when I come back downstairs? Raison toast. I was already planning out how I would spread the butter over my first piece when my mom stated, "Oh I ate the last two pieces."

You did.
"That's cool I was just gonna have cereal."

March break is off to a great start and workouts are going well. Tonight I'm going water running with Adam. It's his birthday so I might have to let him beat me. Haha just kidding that'd be stupid. I'm a winner.

Over the years I've kinda told myself before every race to not go out too hard; to pace myself. As I conclude this post, I would just like to let everyone know that this is how you do that. Even in an 800.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Not About The Shoes

What I wanted.. 1:08 through 400. 2:16 after two laps. 3:24 through 1200m, finishing with a simple 51 for the last 300. This would get me a 4:15, which wouldn't be bad for March. The plan was to stay on pace, and do whatever I could to not go out too fast.

What I got.. 1:04 for the first lap. Okay, so I was scared. This uni guy told me he wanted 4:15, and took me through in a 64? Rubbish man, don't screw me over. All you can do in this scenario is tell yourself to not slow down. God forbid you drop 8 seconds on the next lap just to get back on pace. After 800 we had 2:12 so we were goin at the right speed now, and still 4 seconds ahead of the goal. In my point of view, the next 400 was the only flaw in the whole race considering we dropped to a 70. But on the bright side we were still a bit ahead of pace and the 300 is whatever you want it to be. So this guy bolted. I did what I could.

He clocked in at 4:09 and I kept my own at 4:10 high.

2 days ago I went to Running Room and picked up a new pair of running shoes and a new pair of racing spikes. Mike Woods was working at the time and helped me pick what was best for my foot and my past injuries. I walked away with some Mizuno's and some Nike vics. The weight of the vics are incredible, scaling in at 100g a piece.

I've been training hard, and I'll give some credit of my new pb to the spikes, but I guess I'm just takin a line outa Lance's book when I say it's not about the shoes. Everyone knows how to run hard. Let's have a good track season.

Co-Mileage King,
S. Donald

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gotta suck it up

Yesterday was good. Tempo. Nice. But I was only in a t-shirt and a thin running jacket, sans hat, with crappy running gloves. Outside. To be honest.. it was cold.

I ran the workout with Nicholas, a grade 10 guy who seems like he knows what he's doing. We had the rest of the group dropped after the first 5 minutes. By this time I was confident enough in my running ability to turn to Nick and tell him I was cold. He couldn't help. We had 30 minutes to go.

I learned from a few Colonel By kids a couple years back a way of getting blood to your hands really fast. You simply take both your arms and extend them toward the ground with your fingers pointing ahead of you, then use your shoulders to move the arms up and down. Thus, having the blood flow down to your hands. It works.

I did this.

It didn't work.

We finally finished the run and I was in such cold pain that it was impairing my whole body. We got inside the dome which is warm. Good. But I was hot and tired from running. Bad. So I took my jacket off, took my gloves off; sat down. I couldn't tell if I was warm or cold. Definitely cold now. I drank some water. I laid down. That lasted a while.

It wasn't until I mustard up the courage to ketchup to the guys that I started feeling okay. This marked the first true workout I've had in a while. 1500 race on Saturday.


Friday, February 18, 2011


It's 5 in the afternoon and I'm sitting here on the beach in Florida (no big dealio) thinking what this wonderful life would be without techno and its impacts on us. Techno, meaning music technology.

If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be sitting here thousands of miles away writing this blog post for you. If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be able to listen to Drake belt out his so called 'rap' while running through the sand. If techno didn't exist, my aunt wouldn't be able to lie down and read her books on a kindle. If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be growing this sick beard while on vacation. Oh wait, that would still be happening. Bazinga!

If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be able to link all these sweet vids to a bunch of words.

Moisture in the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.
lots of love, Scotty

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When They're Not Running - 2.0

So we've got Yves Sikubwabo cramming in a 2:27.90 (1000m) and a 3:50.55 (1500m) at the dome yesterday. I get it, he's good at running. But what do our fellow athletes get up to when they're not running?

Tristan Woodfine. Joanna Brown.

Spotted early in the morning. You saw it here first.
Clean teeth = fast running. My mom was right.

Mohamed Souleiman

Known for his great fashion sense and slick look off the track, this good-looking guy was seen modelling some of his own clothing line.

Ben Flanagan

Well this is just impressive. We've got a multi-sport athlete on our hands here, folks. Not exactly what I would call cross training, but I can see where he gets his concentration.

Hope to see these kids on the track this season.

Thanks for reading.
- Scott

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's been a while since my buddy Adrien posted on here. If he's reading this, feel free to come back to me. My life just isn't the same. But my life is run.


Love Scott

Monday, February 7, 2011

Truth or Myth

"If you've been slacking all year, it's okay, you can work hard now and still be able to do your best by track season." - Vince Fay (loving husband, party monster, great coach)

When he told me this, the first thing I thought was, "THIS IS ME. HE'S TALKING TO ME." The second thing I thought was, "You only get one shot. Eminem prepared me for this."

Tonight was something different. I've been feeling under the weather for a few days now so I had to know what the best thing for my body was. I went to Ken, a very well-respected Lions coach, figuring he would get me the goods. As I ran by him in my warmup I had the quickest conversation of my life. The following all happened in the span of about 4 seconds...
"Ken, running helps get rid of colds; truth or myth?"
"I believe you can raise your body temperature high enough to flush out the bad toxins through sweat."

But hold on to your horses, folks. David Nieman, Ph.D., the head of Human Performance at Appalachian State University says, "Some people think that they can sweat out a fever by running. That's wrong. Running won't help your immune system fight the fever."

So what is a kid like me to believe? I felt better after my run. I'm gonna put my foot down on this one and say that I think running helps fight a cold. I'm no doctor. But I'm a runner.

Taper big. Run bigger.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Theory 2 by Scott Donald - Keep Running

Body trudging along, toes not quite in line with the track, chest hunched forward, thinking "There's something not quite right here". So okay, we've all been there. Wait. Maybe not everyone. This has only happened to me once. Anyway, most of us have been there --> you haven't run for a certain amount of time, and it's just long enough that you despise yourself and feel really unfit. This was me yesterday.

I hadn't run for nine days. Nine days. Maybe you're saying, "okay whatever that's like a week". But think of all the sweet things you can do in 9 days.
- go on a nice vacation down south
- learn lots of stuff at school
- catch up on every episode of modern family
- catch up on sleep

Back to the point. Yesterday I completed the workout, but I was running times that I could've run a year ago. It's workouts like this that make me wish I had run a couple times last week. These injuries have been setting me back a whole lot, but if I just buckle down now, I can be ready in the months to come. Runners out there in this situation just have to realize to keep running. Long stuff, short stuff, slow stuff, fast stuff.

Get 'er done.
Skawt Dawnuld

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exam Time

Life isn't very interesting these days. Except for the fact that it is! It's all sports talk in the Donald household since my cousin Eric moved in. He's a sports reporter here in Ottawa now. 1310 News, check it out; it's good stuff. So with the addition of my new brother, the house is a little more up and about right around exam week. That's not such a bad thing though, considering I can't concentrate on studying anyway. I think there's enough 1310 chapstick around here to keep me distracted till february. "It's on everbody's lips", so clever. So classic.

Whenever I go on facebook or youtube these days I always feel rebellious because I should be studying. But you know me, I live life on the edge, I guess I get some kinda sick thrill outa coming on the computer during exam time. But who doesn't? It's just one of those things. My opinion of this video is that it's funny. So if you would like to trust my judgement, you can watch it. If not, that's cool.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Let's crunch some numbers. As we all know, January is the first month of the year which can be represented with a 1. Today is the 19th day of the year 2011. 1 plus 19 equals 20. now incorporating the year, plus 20 is 40. 1 plus 1 is 2, so divide 40 by 2. What are we left with? Another 20.

My bro's b-day is tomorrow and he's turning 20. woah crazy.
I did 200s in practice today, that's close to 20. woahhh.
Now this is where it gets creepy. Pick a number, square it, add ten times the original number, add 25, take the square root (rounding to the nearest whole number), subtract your original number, then add 15. 20? Yea.

Happy birthday brother Ian.

Hustle. Crush it. Go big.

- Scott

Friday, January 14, 2011

What's In My Pockets

I'll be straight with you. I wanna write a blog post. But I don't know what to write about. So here it is. You guessed it. Obviously. From the title. What's in Scott's pockets at the end of the week. There's a lot of stuff for some reason.

cell phone - many unread texts, missed calls, all from girls, duh.
one bus ticket - don't know what i can do with just one, i guess i could pretend i'm 11 and go somewhere..
debit card - had to write down my card number to transfer money online, no harm in that.
bread tag x2 - i collect 'em. got beef? thought so. back off.
ipod + headphones - taylor, j-lo, britney's new hit on itunes, etc..
natural source multivitamin - it says to take on a day. i just didn't take one today.
school toilet paper - to blow my nose. lots of it. cause it's thin.

That's my life.
ps i was joking about the music that's on my ipod. i listen to straight up gangster rap, homie


Monday, January 10, 2011

When They're Not Running

Let's just hope..

Mike Woods. Yves Sikubwabo.

This couple was unexpectedly caught by the paparazzi out to dinner with a few friends. Let's just hope that's a pitcher of apple juice.

Ross Proudfoot.

Well what's to say about this? Let's just hope he's winning.

Simon Whitfield.

Athlete by day; teddy bear by night. Whatta guy. No doubt that's Dr. Suess, let's just hope those are his kids.

I feel as creepy as People Magazine when they take beach shots of overweight celebs.
- Donald