Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Let's crunch some numbers. As we all know, January is the first month of the year which can be represented with a 1. Today is the 19th day of the year 2011. 1 plus 19 equals 20. now incorporating the year, plus 20 is 40. 1 plus 1 is 2, so divide 40 by 2. What are we left with? Another 20.

My bro's b-day is tomorrow and he's turning 20. woah crazy.
I did 200s in practice today, that's close to 20. woahhh.
Now this is where it gets creepy. Pick a number, square it, add ten times the original number, add 25, take the square root (rounding to the nearest whole number), subtract your original number, then add 15. 20? Yea.

Happy birthday brother Ian.

Hustle. Crush it. Go big.

- Scott

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