Friday, January 14, 2011

What's In My Pockets

I'll be straight with you. I wanna write a blog post. But I don't know what to write about. So here it is. You guessed it. Obviously. From the title. What's in Scott's pockets at the end of the week. There's a lot of stuff for some reason.

cell phone - many unread texts, missed calls, all from girls, duh.
one bus ticket - don't know what i can do with just one, i guess i could pretend i'm 11 and go somewhere..
debit card - had to write down my card number to transfer money online, no harm in that.
bread tag x2 - i collect 'em. got beef? thought so. back off.
ipod + headphones - taylor, j-lo, britney's new hit on itunes, etc..
natural source multivitamin - it says to take on a day. i just didn't take one today.
school toilet paper - to blow my nose. lots of it. cause it's thin.

That's my life.
ps i was joking about the music that's on my ipod. i listen to straight up gangster rap, homie


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