Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gotta suck it up

Yesterday was good. Tempo. Nice. But I was only in a t-shirt and a thin running jacket, sans hat, with crappy running gloves. Outside. To be honest.. it was cold.

I ran the workout with Nicholas, a grade 10 guy who seems like he knows what he's doing. We had the rest of the group dropped after the first 5 minutes. By this time I was confident enough in my running ability to turn to Nick and tell him I was cold. He couldn't help. We had 30 minutes to go.

I learned from a few Colonel By kids a couple years back a way of getting blood to your hands really fast. You simply take both your arms and extend them toward the ground with your fingers pointing ahead of you, then use your shoulders to move the arms up and down. Thus, having the blood flow down to your hands. It works.

I did this.

It didn't work.

We finally finished the run and I was in such cold pain that it was impairing my whole body. We got inside the dome which is warm. Good. But I was hot and tired from running. Bad. So I took my jacket off, took my gloves off; sat down. I couldn't tell if I was warm or cold. Definitely cold now. I drank some water. I laid down. That lasted a while.

It wasn't until I mustard up the courage to ketchup to the guys that I started feeling okay. This marked the first true workout I've had in a while. 1500 race on Saturday.


Friday, February 18, 2011


It's 5 in the afternoon and I'm sitting here on the beach in Florida (no big dealio) thinking what this wonderful life would be without techno and its impacts on us. Techno, meaning music technology.

If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be sitting here thousands of miles away writing this blog post for you. If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be able to listen to Drake belt out his so called 'rap' while running through the sand. If techno didn't exist, my aunt wouldn't be able to lie down and read her books on a kindle. If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be growing this sick beard while on vacation. Oh wait, that would still be happening. Bazinga!

If techno didn't exist, I wouldn't be able to link all these sweet vids to a bunch of words.

Moisture in the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.
lots of love, Scotty

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When They're Not Running - 2.0

So we've got Yves Sikubwabo cramming in a 2:27.90 (1000m) and a 3:50.55 (1500m) at the dome yesterday. I get it, he's good at running. But what do our fellow athletes get up to when they're not running?

Tristan Woodfine. Joanna Brown.

Spotted early in the morning. You saw it here first.
Clean teeth = fast running. My mom was right.

Mohamed Souleiman

Known for his great fashion sense and slick look off the track, this good-looking guy was seen modelling some of his own clothing line.

Ben Flanagan

Well this is just impressive. We've got a multi-sport athlete on our hands here, folks. Not exactly what I would call cross training, but I can see where he gets his concentration.

Hope to see these kids on the track this season.

Thanks for reading.
- Scott

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's been a while since my buddy Adrien posted on here. If he's reading this, feel free to come back to me. My life just isn't the same. But my life is run.

Love Scott

Monday, February 7, 2011

Truth or Myth

"If you've been slacking all year, it's okay, you can work hard now and still be able to do your best by track season." - Vince Fay (loving husband, party monster, great coach)

When he told me this, the first thing I thought was, "THIS IS ME. HE'S TALKING TO ME." The second thing I thought was, "You only get one shot. Eminem prepared me for this."

Tonight was something different. I've been feeling under the weather for a few days now so I had to know what the best thing for my body was. I went to Ken, a very well-respected Lions coach, figuring he would get me the goods. As I ran by him in my warmup I had the quickest conversation of my life. The following all happened in the span of about 4 seconds...
"Ken, running helps get rid of colds; truth or myth?"
"I believe you can raise your body temperature high enough to flush out the bad toxins through sweat."

But hold on to your horses, folks. David Nieman, Ph.D., the head of Human Performance at Appalachian State University says, "Some people think that they can sweat out a fever by running. That's wrong. Running won't help your immune system fight the fever."

So what is a kid like me to believe? I felt better after my run. I'm gonna put my foot down on this one and say that I think running helps fight a cold. I'm no doctor. But I'm a runner.

Taper big. Run bigger.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Theory 2 by Scott Donald - Keep Running

Body trudging along, toes not quite in line with the track, chest hunched forward, thinking "There's something not quite right here". So okay, we've all been there. Wait. Maybe not everyone. This has only happened to me once. Anyway, most of us have been there --> you haven't run for a certain amount of time, and it's just long enough that you despise yourself and feel really unfit. This was me yesterday.

I hadn't run for nine days. Nine days. Maybe you're saying, "okay whatever that's like a week". But think of all the sweet things you can do in 9 days.
- go on a nice vacation down south
- learn lots of stuff at school
- catch up on every episode of modern family
- catch up on sleep

Back to the point. Yesterday I completed the workout, but I was running times that I could've run a year ago. It's workouts like this that make me wish I had run a couple times last week. These injuries have been setting me back a whole lot, but if I just buckle down now, I can be ready in the months to come. Runners out there in this situation just have to realize to keep running. Long stuff, short stuff, slow stuff, fast stuff.

Get 'er done.
Skawt Dawnuld