Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gotta suck it up

Yesterday was good. Tempo. Nice. But I was only in a t-shirt and a thin running jacket, sans hat, with crappy running gloves. Outside. To be honest.. it was cold.

I ran the workout with Nicholas, a grade 10 guy who seems like he knows what he's doing. We had the rest of the group dropped after the first 5 minutes. By this time I was confident enough in my running ability to turn to Nick and tell him I was cold. He couldn't help. We had 30 minutes to go.

I learned from a few Colonel By kids a couple years back a way of getting blood to your hands really fast. You simply take both your arms and extend them toward the ground with your fingers pointing ahead of you, then use your shoulders to move the arms up and down. Thus, having the blood flow down to your hands. It works.

I did this.

It didn't work.

We finally finished the run and I was in such cold pain that it was impairing my whole body. We got inside the dome which is warm. Good. But I was hot and tired from running. Bad. So I took my jacket off, took my gloves off; sat down. I couldn't tell if I was warm or cold. Definitely cold now. I drank some water. I laid down. That lasted a while.

It wasn't until I mustard up the courage to ketchup to the guys that I started feeling okay. This marked the first true workout I've had in a while. 1500 race on Saturday.



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