Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Theory 2 by Scott Donald - Keep Running

Body trudging along, toes not quite in line with the track, chest hunched forward, thinking "There's something not quite right here". So okay, we've all been there. Wait. Maybe not everyone. This has only happened to me once. Anyway, most of us have been there --> you haven't run for a certain amount of time, and it's just long enough that you despise yourself and feel really unfit. This was me yesterday.

I hadn't run for nine days. Nine days. Maybe you're saying, "okay whatever that's like a week". But think of all the sweet things you can do in 9 days.
- go on a nice vacation down south
- learn lots of stuff at school
- catch up on every episode of modern family
- catch up on sleep

Back to the point. Yesterday I completed the workout, but I was running times that I could've run a year ago. It's workouts like this that make me wish I had run a couple times last week. These injuries have been setting me back a whole lot, but if I just buckle down now, I can be ready in the months to come. Runners out there in this situation just have to realize to keep running. Long stuff, short stuff, slow stuff, fast stuff.

Get 'er done.
Skawt Dawnuld

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