Monday, February 7, 2011

Truth or Myth

"If you've been slacking all year, it's okay, you can work hard now and still be able to do your best by track season." - Vince Fay (loving husband, party monster, great coach)

When he told me this, the first thing I thought was, "THIS IS ME. HE'S TALKING TO ME." The second thing I thought was, "You only get one shot. Eminem prepared me for this."

Tonight was something different. I've been feeling under the weather for a few days now so I had to know what the best thing for my body was. I went to Ken, a very well-respected Lions coach, figuring he would get me the goods. As I ran by him in my warmup I had the quickest conversation of my life. The following all happened in the span of about 4 seconds...
"Ken, running helps get rid of colds; truth or myth?"
"I believe you can raise your body temperature high enough to flush out the bad toxins through sweat."

But hold on to your horses, folks. David Nieman, Ph.D., the head of Human Performance at Appalachian State University says, "Some people think that they can sweat out a fever by running. That's wrong. Running won't help your immune system fight the fever."

So what is a kid like me to believe? I felt better after my run. I'm gonna put my foot down on this one and say that I think running helps fight a cold. I'm no doctor. But I'm a runner.

Taper big. Run bigger.

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  1. i'm half scientist and i say you made the right call. now go to sleep.