Sunday, February 13, 2011

When They're Not Running - 2.0

So we've got Yves Sikubwabo cramming in a 2:27.90 (1000m) and a 3:50.55 (1500m) at the dome yesterday. I get it, he's good at running. But what do our fellow athletes get up to when they're not running?

Tristan Woodfine. Joanna Brown.

Spotted early in the morning. You saw it here first.
Clean teeth = fast running. My mom was right.

Mohamed Souleiman

Known for his great fashion sense and slick look off the track, this good-looking guy was seen modelling some of his own clothing line.

Ben Flanagan

Well this is just impressive. We've got a multi-sport athlete on our hands here, folks. Not exactly what I would call cross training, but I can see where he gets his concentration.

Hope to see these kids on the track this season.

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- Scott

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