Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Good Runner

As we quickly approach track season there's one thing that's on everyone's mind. Who are gonna be the predominant runners out there? Although, the one thing on my mind is what makes them the predominant runners. Yes, I am going to tell you what makes someone a good runner. But not in the way that you may be expecting.. who honestly cares about food; it's all good. Training; yea that's important. Sleep; whatever. These days people care about personality. So here it is, steps to becoming a good runner - by Scott Donald.

1) Humour - They say laughter is the best medicine. They say laughter helps you learn more easily. They say laughter increases your heart rate. If I were to go out on a limb and say that runners want to be healthy and good at what they do, I don't think anyone would contradict me. Humour gives a different aspect to the running world. The sport is known as such a competitive activity so no one really gives it credit where it should be due. So learn a few jokes to tell before your next workout.

2) Intensity - Take a second and throw away the idea of humour, because intensity is one of the most important things to have. It means you have the drive, the motivation, and the mindset to get where you wanna go. It's the foundation of who you are as a runner. It's the ground nation of who you are as a stunner. It's the round creation of who you are as a.. shunner. Take it from a guy who runs the streets and knows what's up, intensity is a must-have.

3) Good looks

4) Ability to accept defeat - Ya win some, ya lose some. Some win some more than some others, and some lose some more than some others lose. Winning some always comes with losing some so if you expect to ever win some, get ready for some to be lost because some don't always go your way.

5) Knowing what to do, and when - Sometimes you just gotta wreck everyone, but sometimes you gotta lay off. Snoop Dogg once called me (yea we text and stuff) and told me to drop it like it's hot. So I drop it like it's hot.. on the track. Long distance running is all about pace so you gotta know when to be hot, and when to cool it off. Trust your judgement.

Love y'all

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Monday Ever

How I Met Your Mother starts at 8 so I gotta make this quick. Vince is gone so our coach for the week is Ray. Ray is gone so our coach for the night was Natalie. I called it from the start, "Damn, Ray isn't here, Natalie's gonna make us do like 15 400s." That was a bit of an exaggeration obviously, but the workout was 10x400m @3k pace.

For some reason I was still tying my shoes when everyone took off in their respective groups to start the workout. So, like anyone would, I started cursing in my head that I had to run the 4's by myself. Luckily Seb was late and walked up to me right as I finished the final knot on my perfectly-tied shoe.

Normally Vince makes us do drills and strides for the first half hour or so before beginning the running, but with the uni groups they waste no time getting right into things. Start at 5. Finish at 6. Cool, HIMYM starts in two hours.. I got time. For every Monday as long as I can remember I've started my workout at 6, finished by 8 and had a drive home that takes exactly 29 minutes. Thanks a lot CBS, couldn't put my favourite show half an hour later? Each time I walk in the door I wanna punch something. Then I get a text from my buddy Josh asking if I saw it, like my answer would ever change week after week.

Thank you Vince Fay for staying down south another week, cause tonight I meet Barney's dad.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Theory 3 by Scott Donald - Take the week

I know what you're thinking.. "Scott hasn't posted anything on the blog for like, 6 days!" Shut up.

I just got back from Tremblant with a couple buddies. And no, as weird as it may be, I didn't go downhill skiing. Now you're thinking, "What?? Why didn't Scott go downhill skiing?" Shut up. I went cross country skiing instead to do a little cross training. I substituted it right in for my runs. The plan was to make this week relatively easy for me in order to start over and build up in the next two months.

This is where my third theory comes along. Everyone's gotta take that one week where they lay off the difficult stuff. This occurs a few months before major competition. March break just happens to fall right into that time slot for me. So here's the story..

I've been off my latest injury since the start of January and I've been building and building; increasing and increasing my mileage so that I peak at the right time. Duh. But what's happened to me the past two seasons is that I just kept going. I kept going hard, I kept getting good enough to think that I could keep training my butt off. This resulted in injury.

The week of rest calms everything down. Not only does it calm the mileage down, but it calms the nerves down. This influences the body and the mind to then take a step back and climb the stairs again, taking the following couple of weeks to ease back into things. Don't get me wrong, the week has to be active rest, but it doesn't have to be hard. The best thing about it all is that it doesn't affect performance two months down the road.

This comes to Theory 4 by Scott Donald - The 2 month rule. But more on that later.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little of everything

So I got home from track at like 12 today, only to find that I was going to be a main component in the building of a bed in our new guest room. No eating. Build now. It wasn't a difficult process, because ikea makes it easy, but it took about an hour of my time.

What do I smell when I come back downstairs? Raison toast. I was already planning out how I would spread the butter over my first piece when my mom stated, "Oh I ate the last two pieces."

You did.
"That's cool I was just gonna have cereal."

March break is off to a great start and workouts are going well. Tonight I'm going water running with Adam. It's his birthday so I might have to let him beat me. Haha just kidding that'd be stupid. I'm a winner.

Over the years I've kinda told myself before every race to not go out too hard; to pace myself. As I conclude this post, I would just like to let everyone know that this is how you do that. Even in an 800.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Not About The Shoes

What I wanted.. 1:08 through 400. 2:16 after two laps. 3:24 through 1200m, finishing with a simple 51 for the last 300. This would get me a 4:15, which wouldn't be bad for March. The plan was to stay on pace, and do whatever I could to not go out too fast.

What I got.. 1:04 for the first lap. Okay, so I was scared. This uni guy told me he wanted 4:15, and took me through in a 64? Rubbish man, don't screw me over. All you can do in this scenario is tell yourself to not slow down. God forbid you drop 8 seconds on the next lap just to get back on pace. After 800 we had 2:12 so we were goin at the right speed now, and still 4 seconds ahead of the goal. In my point of view, the next 400 was the only flaw in the whole race considering we dropped to a 70. But on the bright side we were still a bit ahead of pace and the 300 is whatever you want it to be. So this guy bolted. I did what I could.

He clocked in at 4:09 and I kept my own at 4:10 high.

2 days ago I went to Running Room and picked up a new pair of running shoes and a new pair of racing spikes. Mike Woods was working at the time and helped me pick what was best for my foot and my past injuries. I walked away with some Mizuno's and some Nike vics. The weight of the vics are incredible, scaling in at 100g a piece.

I've been training hard, and I'll give some credit of my new pb to the spikes, but I guess I'm just takin a line outa Lance's book when I say it's not about the shoes. Everyone knows how to run hard. Let's have a good track season.

Co-Mileage King,
S. Donald

Wednesday, March 2, 2011