Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Monday Ever

How I Met Your Mother starts at 8 so I gotta make this quick. Vince is gone so our coach for the week is Ray. Ray is gone so our coach for the night was Natalie. I called it from the start, "Damn, Ray isn't here, Natalie's gonna make us do like 15 400s." That was a bit of an exaggeration obviously, but the workout was 10x400m @3k pace.

For some reason I was still tying my shoes when everyone took off in their respective groups to start the workout. So, like anyone would, I started cursing in my head that I had to run the 4's by myself. Luckily Seb was late and walked up to me right as I finished the final knot on my perfectly-tied shoe.

Normally Vince makes us do drills and strides for the first half hour or so before beginning the running, but with the uni groups they waste no time getting right into things. Start at 5. Finish at 6. Cool, HIMYM starts in two hours.. I got time. For every Monday as long as I can remember I've started my workout at 6, finished by 8 and had a drive home that takes exactly 29 minutes. Thanks a lot CBS, couldn't put my favourite show half an hour later? Each time I walk in the door I wanna punch something. Then I get a text from my buddy Josh asking if I saw it, like my answer would ever change week after week.

Thank you Vince Fay for staying down south another week, cause tonight I meet Barney's dad.


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