Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Good Runner

As we quickly approach track season there's one thing that's on everyone's mind. Who are gonna be the predominant runners out there? Although, the one thing on my mind is what makes them the predominant runners. Yes, I am going to tell you what makes someone a good runner. But not in the way that you may be expecting.. who honestly cares about food; it's all good. Training; yea that's important. Sleep; whatever. These days people care about personality. So here it is, steps to becoming a good runner - by Scott Donald.

1) Humour - They say laughter is the best medicine. They say laughter helps you learn more easily. They say laughter increases your heart rate. If I were to go out on a limb and say that runners want to be healthy and good at what they do, I don't think anyone would contradict me. Humour gives a different aspect to the running world. The sport is known as such a competitive activity so no one really gives it credit where it should be due. So learn a few jokes to tell before your next workout.

2) Intensity - Take a second and throw away the idea of humour, because intensity is one of the most important things to have. It means you have the drive, the motivation, and the mindset to get where you wanna go. It's the foundation of who you are as a runner. It's the ground nation of who you are as a stunner. It's the round creation of who you are as a.. shunner. Take it from a guy who runs the streets and knows what's up, intensity is a must-have.

3) Good looks

4) Ability to accept defeat - Ya win some, ya lose some. Some win some more than some others, and some lose some more than some others lose. Winning some always comes with losing some so if you expect to ever win some, get ready for some to be lost because some don't always go your way.

5) Knowing what to do, and when - Sometimes you just gotta wreck everyone, but sometimes you gotta lay off. Snoop Dogg once called me (yea we text and stuff) and told me to drop it like it's hot. So I drop it like it's hot.. on the track. Long distance running is all about pace so you gotta know when to be hot, and when to cool it off. Trust your judgement.

Love y'all

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