Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Not About The Shoes

What I wanted.. 1:08 through 400. 2:16 after two laps. 3:24 through 1200m, finishing with a simple 51 for the last 300. This would get me a 4:15, which wouldn't be bad for March. The plan was to stay on pace, and do whatever I could to not go out too fast.

What I got.. 1:04 for the first lap. Okay, so I was scared. This uni guy told me he wanted 4:15, and took me through in a 64? Rubbish man, don't screw me over. All you can do in this scenario is tell yourself to not slow down. God forbid you drop 8 seconds on the next lap just to get back on pace. After 800 we had 2:12 so we were goin at the right speed now, and still 4 seconds ahead of the goal. In my point of view, the next 400 was the only flaw in the whole race considering we dropped to a 70. But on the bright side we were still a bit ahead of pace and the 300 is whatever you want it to be. So this guy bolted. I did what I could.

He clocked in at 4:09 and I kept my own at 4:10 high.

2 days ago I went to Running Room and picked up a new pair of running shoes and a new pair of racing spikes. Mike Woods was working at the time and helped me pick what was best for my foot and my past injuries. I walked away with some Mizuno's and some Nike vics. The weight of the vics are incredible, scaling in at 100g a piece.

I've been training hard, and I'll give some credit of my new pb to the spikes, but I guess I'm just takin a line outa Lance's book when I say it's not about the shoes. Everyone knows how to run hard. Let's have a good track season.

Co-Mileage King,
S. Donald

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