Friday, March 18, 2011

Theory 3 by Scott Donald - Take the week

I know what you're thinking.. "Scott hasn't posted anything on the blog for like, 6 days!" Shut up.

I just got back from Tremblant with a couple buddies. And no, as weird as it may be, I didn't go downhill skiing. Now you're thinking, "What?? Why didn't Scott go downhill skiing?" Shut up. I went cross country skiing instead to do a little cross training. I substituted it right in for my runs. The plan was to make this week relatively easy for me in order to start over and build up in the next two months.

This is where my third theory comes along. Everyone's gotta take that one week where they lay off the difficult stuff. This occurs a few months before major competition. March break just happens to fall right into that time slot for me. So here's the story..

I've been off my latest injury since the start of January and I've been building and building; increasing and increasing my mileage so that I peak at the right time. Duh. But what's happened to me the past two seasons is that I just kept going. I kept going hard, I kept getting good enough to think that I could keep training my butt off. This resulted in injury.

The week of rest calms everything down. Not only does it calm the mileage down, but it calms the nerves down. This influences the body and the mind to then take a step back and climb the stairs again, taking the following couple of weeks to ease back into things. Don't get me wrong, the week has to be active rest, but it doesn't have to be hard. The best thing about it all is that it doesn't affect performance two months down the road.

This comes to Theory 4 by Scott Donald - The 2 month rule. But more on that later.


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