Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You TV

I think I have to thank Family Feud for my introduction to competitive running. Every day at elementary school, lunch would start at 11:55. Family Feud would be on channel 13 at 12:00. It took five minutes to walk home from school; then I'd think "oh perfect I can see the whole episode". But no. I had to make my lunch too. Like c'mon, who watches tv without food? By the time I was finished making my lunch it would be like, 12:08 and I'd have missed a third of the show.

So I would run. I would sprint out those Broadview doors and I would run home to butter up a piece of toast and catch the beginning of the episode. My best time was one minute and I was home by 11:56. I used to envy my brothers who got out at 11:40 for lunch, and I would always wonder why they didn't take advantage of Nepean's early lunch hour, like seriously... Family Feud is sick.

The days I would get home by 11:58 I'd just hit myself over the head, knowing that I didn't try my best. But that was alright cause I can cover a pita in peanut butter in like 2 seconds anyway.

Yours truly,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carleton Place

"Oh the 1500s start at 2:00." Rubbish. Senior boys are usually last to run so I was thinking I'd probly start around 2:30, meaning a 1:45ish warmup start. Myself and various other nepean runners got back from an easy run by 2 and headed for the start line to finish the rest of our well-planned-out warmup.

We all stood there for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes.. I think my race started around 3. My body basically cooled itself down; I had to do a second warmup. Not only was the meet unorganized, but the high jump area was placed across our 1500m start line, having the jumpers run across the track in order to clear the bar placed right on the edge of lane 4.

But ya know what, it made for an exciting meet. There was no sign-up, no bib numbers, no names being recorded, no spikes, no pavement.. oh wait that's right, the meet was on an asphalt track. This 'fun' meet suddenly became stressful. Everyone looking around at what other people were wearing on their feet, wondering if they should wear a long-sleeve shirt, I mean, it's windy. No one knowing if they're in the next heat, or even if there are two heats for their age group. Then there's Yves standing there complaining about all of it like that would help the situation. "I don't even wanna run today," he would exclaim. "If anyone runs under 5 minutes they'll beat me." Yea okay there.

"Bang!" The gun went off. The first 200 metres felt like we went through in 40 seconds. "Oh damn," I thought. "We're on 5 minute pace. Yves totally called this." The rest of the race was pretty relaxed, but tiring on the legs. I just wanted to step aside and run on the grass, although I'm pretty sure you get disqualified for that. I was told that my unofficial (stopwatch) time was around 4:18 which I can deal with.

Next race: April 29th at Terry Fox track (15? 3k? Who cares?)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Tips 1.0

Okay so it's officially track season. These days it feels like everyone I talk to about running is worried for my safety. Considering I've been injured the past two seasons, that makes sense. But c'mon, it stresses me out. The past week I feel that I've been running a little too much, so in fear of getting injured again I figured I would bike on Thursday and take Friday off. Well something happened on Wednesday. What was it, you ask? I had a conversation. I had a conversation with a teacher I haven't talked to since last year; the most inspirational and helpful teacher anyone will ever know (don't worry, this story's goin somewhere). The teacher's name is Mr. Tenthorey. The conversation went a little something like this:

So Scott are you still running?
Yea I am, I actually got a meet coming up on Tuesday; can't wait to race.
Nice, trying to follow your brothers footsteps? *laughter*
Oh I passed his footsteps long ago. I'm carving my own path. *more laughter*
That's good, I'm glad to hear it.
Although lately I've been cursed with a few knee injuries, so it's been hard to do as well as I'd like.
Oh really? Where on your knee, outside or inside?
Both, but most recently it was the inside. Lots of people call it 'runner's knee'.
I've heard of that, the muscle right on the inside of the knee is actually my strongest. It's used for jumping; I can jump like a foot higher ever since I started biking every day. Do you own a bike?
Uh, yea?
Take the seat off it. That keeps you in a half-squat position and takes the pressure off of the glute in order to build strength in the legs.
Since when do you know so much about running?
Technically it's not running knowledge at all.

So I went spinning on Thursday during my school track practise. Lucky for me, the seats on those bikes make you wanna pull out a gun and shoot yourself in the butt. I wasn't sitting for most of the ride. My legs already feel like they could roundhouse kick Chuck Norris in the face. Success.

See ya on the track.
S. Don.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

No one can do everything

The weather's warming up and it's the perfect temperature for outdoor runs. You know what I'm talkin about; say goodbye to those cold cold cold days when you had to decide if it was worth piling on clothes just to run for 30 minutes. And if you wanted to be warm you could just go to the gym, but really, go to the gym? Treadmill's suck. The sun is on your side now, it's scaring away the snow so that you can put on a pair of running shoes and cruise through fields of grass. Here's my favourite part though.. there's some things about outdoor running that I just can't do. Let me explain further.

I can't do snot rockets. I know, I'm a runner. I'm on the roads and track 6 times a week, I have time to practice. But every time I try to shoot snot out of my nose it gets caught on my shirt or the wind just blows it back in my face. So, realistically, I don't try that very often cause snot is pretty disgusting.

I can't finish slow. I can't be 400 metres from my house after 50 minutes of running and not sprint. Maybe you're different and can keep your pace, but I just feel like I have to be tired by the end or something. I live at the top of a hill too, so I always gotta give some sort of push at the end. It's just one of those things.

I can't cross my eyes. I guess that doesn't really have anything to do with running, but I wish I could do it.

I can't focus on one thing. My mind wanders from the lady at her front door, to the red glare of the stop sign, to the lines on the road, back to the lady, down to my watch, then up in the trees. If I only I was this visual while driving.. sheesh I'd have my lisence by now. Unlike outside, I can focus on the track cause there's only one thing to look at. I think I have ADHD.

Just my Sunday thoughts. Happy running.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food Rules

Over the past year or two I've been concentrating on what I eat in order to stay in the best shape possible. Aside from the occasional bag of chips that gets shovelled into my mouth, I like to keep it simple and just eat what my parents make me. I've assembled a few food rules to show you guys. Just cause. Your choice if ya wanna follow 'em.

Eating what stands on one leg (mushrooms, plants) is better than eating what stands on two legs (chickens, humans), which is better than eating what stands on four legs (cows, chairs, pigs). Hopefully humans and chairs are a no-brainer.

If it's called by the same name in every language, it's not food. For example: Pringles, Big Mac, Cheetos.

Shop around the outside of the grocery store. That's where the girls are. Nah I'm just joshin', that's where all the fresh foods are kept, as opposed to all the processed foods which are piled in the middle. But seriously, girls don't like the aisles, trust me.

Don't eat foods that are advertised on tv. All the big companies can afford to advertise; they're the ones that are able to persuade you to eat what they want you to eat.

Avoid all foods that say "low-fat" or "nonfat". When fat is taken out of the picture, sugar is added to make up for the loss of flavour. That's right, drop your low-fat yogurt and go back to eating the normal stuff cause it's just as good, if not, better for you.

I'm here for you. Now you can eat well, my friends. Some interesting posts are coming up soon with all the relevant track shenanigans.
Love, Scott Donald

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've been running so much that my watch battery died. I know; insane. I gotta go get a new one.

Kidding. If you believed that than you're weird cause watches run 24/7... they have to tell time. Running has nothing to do with the battery. Plus, why would I get a whole new watch when I can just get an 8 dollar battery? Sweet deal, that's what I call a BONUS.

Running's going well, I feel light on my feet and I've been working a bit more on my speed. I get my braces off on Tuesday so hopefully that'll trim down on some un-needed weight.

April at a glance
April 19th Hybernation Meet, running the 1500 and 4x300 relay. Asphalt surface, gonna have to find some flats.
April 28th uOttawa Invitational, hopefully there's a 3k. Come race me.

That's all I have to say for now I guess.
Stay flyyy,