Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carleton Place

"Oh the 1500s start at 2:00." Rubbish. Senior boys are usually last to run so I was thinking I'd probly start around 2:30, meaning a 1:45ish warmup start. Myself and various other nepean runners got back from an easy run by 2 and headed for the start line to finish the rest of our well-planned-out warmup.

We all stood there for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes.. I think my race started around 3. My body basically cooled itself down; I had to do a second warmup. Not only was the meet unorganized, but the high jump area was placed across our 1500m start line, having the jumpers run across the track in order to clear the bar placed right on the edge of lane 4.

But ya know what, it made for an exciting meet. There was no sign-up, no bib numbers, no names being recorded, no spikes, no pavement.. oh wait that's right, the meet was on an asphalt track. This 'fun' meet suddenly became stressful. Everyone looking around at what other people were wearing on their feet, wondering if they should wear a long-sleeve shirt, I mean, it's windy. No one knowing if they're in the next heat, or even if there are two heats for their age group. Then there's Yves standing there complaining about all of it like that would help the situation. "I don't even wanna run today," he would exclaim. "If anyone runs under 5 minutes they'll beat me." Yea okay there.

"Bang!" The gun went off. The first 200 metres felt like we went through in 40 seconds. "Oh damn," I thought. "We're on 5 minute pace. Yves totally called this." The rest of the race was pretty relaxed, but tiring on the legs. I just wanted to step aside and run on the grass, although I'm pretty sure you get disqualified for that. I was told that my unofficial (stopwatch) time was around 4:18 which I can deal with.

Next race: April 29th at Terry Fox track (15? 3k? Who cares?)

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