Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Tips 1.0

Okay so it's officially track season. These days it feels like everyone I talk to about running is worried for my safety. Considering I've been injured the past two seasons, that makes sense. But c'mon, it stresses me out. The past week I feel that I've been running a little too much, so in fear of getting injured again I figured I would bike on Thursday and take Friday off. Well something happened on Wednesday. What was it, you ask? I had a conversation. I had a conversation with a teacher I haven't talked to since last year; the most inspirational and helpful teacher anyone will ever know (don't worry, this story's goin somewhere). The teacher's name is Mr. Tenthorey. The conversation went a little something like this:

So Scott are you still running?
Yea I am, I actually got a meet coming up on Tuesday; can't wait to race.
Nice, trying to follow your brothers footsteps? *laughter*
Oh I passed his footsteps long ago. I'm carving my own path. *more laughter*
That's good, I'm glad to hear it.
Although lately I've been cursed with a few knee injuries, so it's been hard to do as well as I'd like.
Oh really? Where on your knee, outside or inside?
Both, but most recently it was the inside. Lots of people call it 'runner's knee'.
I've heard of that, the muscle right on the inside of the knee is actually my strongest. It's used for jumping; I can jump like a foot higher ever since I started biking every day. Do you own a bike?
Uh, yea?
Take the seat off it. That keeps you in a half-squat position and takes the pressure off of the glute in order to build strength in the legs.
Since when do you know so much about running?
Technically it's not running knowledge at all.

So I went spinning on Thursday during my school track practise. Lucky for me, the seats on those bikes make you wanna pull out a gun and shoot yourself in the butt. I wasn't sitting for most of the ride. My legs already feel like they could roundhouse kick Chuck Norris in the face. Success.

See ya on the track.
S. Don.

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