Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You TV

I think I have to thank Family Feud for my introduction to competitive running. Every day at elementary school, lunch would start at 11:55. Family Feud would be on channel 13 at 12:00. It took five minutes to walk home from school; then I'd think "oh perfect I can see the whole episode". But no. I had to make my lunch too. Like c'mon, who watches tv without food? By the time I was finished making my lunch it would be like, 12:08 and I'd have missed a third of the show.

So I would run. I would sprint out those Broadview doors and I would run home to butter up a piece of toast and catch the beginning of the episode. My best time was one minute and I was home by 11:56. I used to envy my brothers who got out at 11:40 for lunch, and I would always wonder why they didn't take advantage of Nepean's early lunch hour, like seriously... Family Feud is sick.

The days I would get home by 11:58 I'd just hit myself over the head, knowing that I didn't try my best. But that was alright cause I can cover a pita in peanut butter in like 2 seconds anyway.

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