Friday, May 27, 2011

Off to Sudbury

Alright here we go. East Regions. As you read the rest, I want you to play this song, cause it'll make the mood so much more epic. Credz to R.C. for showing it to me.

Yesterday was a little overwhelming. I got to the track where there were hundreds of people lining the fence and bleachers. All of a sudden the intensity hit me, like a burst of wind, right in the face. I found a friend in the bleachers watching the 200s and sat with him until I saw someone else I knew. And someone else I knew. And someone else. Kids I hadn't seen for years cause of my lack of track meet attendance over the course of grade 10. It was definitely something I've missed while being injured.

So we got ready for the 1500; same old, same old. I talked to Alex and Yves a little bit. They were ready to rock. The race went out fast, in about 62 for the first lap I believe. The next 700 metres must've been a bit slow cause I ended up finishing in a 64. Congratulations to Mr. Sikubwabo for breaking Mike Wood's regional record with a 3:50 (alone), and also to David Cashin and Riley Johnston, both hitting 4 flat. I was fourth at 4:01. The race was close. Almost too close. Everyone was together with 200 to go, it just came down to the kicks. Berhe ran a spectacular 4:03, and Seb Saville broke his PB by 15 seconds by running 4:04. A total of ten PBs were set by Ottawa Lions runners in the span of about 4 hours.

Today was kinda weird. In an extraordinary way. It seemed like there were a bazillion meet records broken.. in the pouring rain. But a little rain never hurt nobody. Especially Seb again, posting a 1:52 in the 800; a 5 second personal best. Mickey Day also had a great race finishing in 1:58. In the 3k we have Yves, Tristan, Dave, and Dylan moving on next week, so good work boys. I was sixth at 8:52 right behind Riley, no complaints.

Already can't wait for next year. But as for this year, I'll be reppin Nepean at ofsaa.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Off to East Regions we go. Congratulations to everyone who qualified, next week's gonna be big. The meet is gonna be held here in Ottawa for the first time in a while, so holla to anyone around town.

Today was something special. I learned that you can be puking 20 minutes prior to your race and still come first in the city (thanks Mickey Day). I learned that a certain someone loves receiving candy from people, but always spits it out when the person looks away (thanks Yves Sikubwabo). I also learned that being boxed in feels really epic once you escape from the pack. Nuff said.

Came second in the 1500 today with Alex very close behind. Wish I could say Yves was behind me but I'm not sure it's possible for him to run over 4 minutes. Our slow start caused a slow middle, which caused a fast end; finishing in 4:11. Berhe and I were alright with the run. I'm sure we were both feeling we coulda gone harder just so we could have a decent qualifying time, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I hate cookies. I'm in to crackers these days. Gold fish. Well, I don't hate cookies, I think I just love to hate them.

That's all. Happy long weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My boy Jay commented on my last post asking why I never write about him, so I pondered about that for a moment and decided that this one's gotta mention him somehow.

We were both racing the 3k today so we kinda hung around the track together and checked out some other races going on. Once we were called to sign in for the race I remembered that I had to get an interview in with him. Got that done and immediately headed to finish our warm up. Let me just mention right now that my 10 minute warm up run with Jay was probably the single longest time in my 3 years of knowing him that he was silent. Anyone who knows Jay knows that he's a talker. That's who he is, he likes conversation. But Jay was more focused on his race than I've ever seen him before. Luckily I got him to talk a few minutes later..

Jay ended up qualifying for East Regionals placing 6th with a time of 9:37, a 14 second personal best. As for me, I was able to run a steady race and finish in 9:08; good enough to come second and save some energy for the 1500 tomorrow.

I'll be posting again tomorrow.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Runner's World

My running world has changed! It's been taken by the muscular calves and flipped upside down! Alex Berhe, a so called 'basketball player' from Woodroffe High School, is now my training buddy. After running a hard 1500 in 4:06, this kid stays on my heals to hold on with a 4:07. Later in the same day we decide to take it easy on the 3k, but kick the last lap. Coming second to Yves once again, I lay down a time of 9:22. Where's Alex? 9:23. He makes things exciting, and that's why I love him.

I'll be running with this guy for the rest of the school season and right into the club season now that he's training with the Lions. Hopefully we can both stay healthy and rip it up in the weeks to come. So shout out to Alex if he's reading this, city meet on Wednesday and Thursday.

Next thing..
Tristan Woodfine just made a blog so check that out on the right side of my page. His first post was today and he talks about pretty cool stuff. But watch out, he's a triathlete. They tend to blog 3 times as fast as the rest of us, with 3 times as much information cause they train for 3 times as many sports.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life's Good

Not too much to say these days. Running's going well, workouts are hard. The west conference meet is on Thursday so I'm pretty pumped for that. I'm also pretty pumped for The Hangover 2 to come out this month, hopefully you can relate with me.

I'd like to share with you one of my many favourite songs on this musical planet. It's by Miracle Fortress. If you've never heard of them I can start by saying that none of their songs on youtube have any dislikes, so that's pretty legit. I'll let you judge the rest for yourself.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magically Fast

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to run really fast and not try very hard? Have you ever believed that it wasn't possible unless you were superhuman or Usain Bolt? Have you ever just wished you were Harry Potter and you could cast a spell to make you run faster? Yea well, me too.

This happened to me yesterday. We were at Mooney's Bay track doing a workout for the first time this season and Vince told us to get our spikes on and run 2x200m at 1500m pace. I was so relaxed for the first one that I thought, if anything, this was gonna be a slow 200. I went through in 27 seconds then turned to Alex beside me and laughed about it; not believing it was my real time. I tried to tell him that we started at the wrong spot and that it wasn't a full 200 metres... cause I don't just run 27s for no reason. He proved me wrong and made me look like a fool in no time. The next one was 28, I didn't know what to say.

Next was 4x400m at 3k pace. We came through 4 seconds faster than what I was lookin for, but it felt like we were 4 seconds slow. There was even a wind on the back stretch. I coulda gone that fast for the rest of the workout, it was abnormal. We were basically going as fast as Harry on his Nimbus 2000. Let's just hope the same thing happens at the meets this month.

Every blog post needs a couple HP references.
So happy May 1st, and may the force be with you.