Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My boy Jay commented on my last post asking why I never write about him, so I pondered about that for a moment and decided that this one's gotta mention him somehow.

We were both racing the 3k today so we kinda hung around the track together and checked out some other races going on. Once we were called to sign in for the race I remembered that I had to get an interview in with him. Got that done and immediately headed to finish our warm up. Let me just mention right now that my 10 minute warm up run with Jay was probably the single longest time in my 3 years of knowing him that he was silent. Anyone who knows Jay knows that he's a talker. That's who he is, he likes conversation. But Jay was more focused on his race than I've ever seen him before. Luckily I got him to talk a few minutes later..

Jay ended up qualifying for East Regionals placing 6th with a time of 9:37, a 14 second personal best. As for me, I was able to run a steady race and finish in 9:08; good enough to come second and save some energy for the 1500 tomorrow.

I'll be posting again tomorrow.

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