Thursday, May 19, 2011


Off to East Regions we go. Congratulations to everyone who qualified, next week's gonna be big. The meet is gonna be held here in Ottawa for the first time in a while, so holla to anyone around town.

Today was something special. I learned that you can be puking 20 minutes prior to your race and still come first in the city (thanks Mickey Day). I learned that a certain someone loves receiving candy from people, but always spits it out when the person looks away (thanks Yves Sikubwabo). I also learned that being boxed in feels really epic once you escape from the pack. Nuff said.

Came second in the 1500 today with Alex very close behind. Wish I could say Yves was behind me but I'm not sure it's possible for him to run over 4 minutes. Our slow start caused a slow middle, which caused a fast end; finishing in 4:11. Berhe and I were alright with the run. I'm sure we were both feeling we coulda gone harder just so we could have a decent qualifying time, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I hate cookies. I'm in to crackers these days. Gold fish. Well, I don't hate cookies, I think I just love to hate them.

That's all. Happy long weekend.

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