Friday, May 27, 2011

Off to Sudbury

Alright here we go. East Regions. As you read the rest, I want you to play this song, cause it'll make the mood so much more epic. Credz to R.C. for showing it to me.

Yesterday was a little overwhelming. I got to the track where there were hundreds of people lining the fence and bleachers. All of a sudden the intensity hit me, like a burst of wind, right in the face. I found a friend in the bleachers watching the 200s and sat with him until I saw someone else I knew. And someone else I knew. And someone else. Kids I hadn't seen for years cause of my lack of track meet attendance over the course of grade 10. It was definitely something I've missed while being injured.

So we got ready for the 1500; same old, same old. I talked to Alex and Yves a little bit. They were ready to rock. The race went out fast, in about 62 for the first lap I believe. The next 700 metres must've been a bit slow cause I ended up finishing in a 64. Congratulations to Mr. Sikubwabo for breaking Mike Wood's regional record with a 3:50 (alone), and also to David Cashin and Riley Johnston, both hitting 4 flat. I was fourth at 4:01. The race was close. Almost too close. Everyone was together with 200 to go, it just came down to the kicks. Berhe ran a spectacular 4:03, and Seb Saville broke his PB by 15 seconds by running 4:04. A total of ten PBs were set by Ottawa Lions runners in the span of about 4 hours.

Today was kinda weird. In an extraordinary way. It seemed like there were a bazillion meet records broken.. in the pouring rain. But a little rain never hurt nobody. Especially Seb again, posting a 1:52 in the 800; a 5 second personal best. Mickey Day also had a great race finishing in 1:58. In the 3k we have Yves, Tristan, Dave, and Dylan moving on next week, so good work boys. I was sixth at 8:52 right behind Riley, no complaints.

Already can't wait for next year. But as for this year, I'll be reppin Nepean at ofsaa.


  1. scotty was it sub 8:52.30? then its a donald record! great running sexy!

  2. where ya going to university next year?

  3. haha thanks.
    i'm in grade 11 so i'm not goin away next year

  4. Oh boy. I watched the entire video before I realized it was Owl EYES, not Owl CITY. Boy, did I turned up to be an overwhelming egghead. :(