Saturday, May 14, 2011

Runner's World

My running world has changed! It's been taken by the muscular calves and flipped upside down! Alex Berhe, a so called 'basketball player' from Woodroffe High School, is now my training buddy. After running a hard 1500 in 4:06, this kid stays on my heals to hold on with a 4:07. Later in the same day we decide to take it easy on the 3k, but kick the last lap. Coming second to Yves once again, I lay down a time of 9:22. Where's Alex? 9:23. He makes things exciting, and that's why I love him.

I'll be running with this guy for the rest of the school season and right into the club season now that he's training with the Lions. Hopefully we can both stay healthy and rip it up in the weeks to come. So shout out to Alex if he's reading this, city meet on Wednesday and Thursday.

Next thing..
Tristan Woodfine just made a blog so check that out on the right side of my page. His first post was today and he talks about pretty cool stuff. But watch out, he's a triathlete. They tend to blog 3 times as fast as the rest of us, with 3 times as much information cause they train for 3 times as many sports.



  1. how come u never mention me scott

  2. ya geez throw in some jay