Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In between it all

I just gotta say thanks to everyone who reads this blog. June will by far have the most number of hits on the site than any other month, no question. On pace for around 1300, so that's pretty chill. I guess people really like ofsaa and rock-paper-scissors. Yea well, me too. Here's what I'm gonna do.. I've brought together a few 'summer' songs and decided to share 'em with y'all. They may be a couple years old but either way, I really just wanna get the information out there ya feel me? The best part is that I'm gonna put my personal opinion beside each one, and you'll read every comment. You will. I bet you will. You probly will.. just wait. You will.

This first one is a gimme. My brother showed it to me a week or two ago. Sam, not Ian. I like Ian's taste in music though, he's a chiller. Anywhooo, if you blast this one loud enough in your house it should get everyone on their feet! But it's up to you to show off the best dance moves. And if that's not enough to convince you to listen, it's from the greatest movie about stories about toys ever. Randy Newman ftw.

This one's kinda weird. I tweeted it to a friend earlier today, and I'm still not sure if that was a good idea. I feel like it's a guy version of Nicki Minaj, Pink, and Lady Gaga. But that makes it seem terrible, so don't trust me. I really really want you to listen though cause it's a classic. For the record, Macklemore has much better songs.

Okay so you can't go wrong with The Temper Trap. You may have heard this one from a movie or commercial or something, cause that's where I first recognized it. It combines love, with passion, with energy, with fusion, with heartbreak, with more energy, then finally, more heartbreak. All you can do is let the sweet sweet tender music loft into your eardrums until you pass out from the beauty we call sound.

Last one. It's just a sexy tune. Lemme know if you can't imagine yourself riding your bike down the street to this song, head held high, swaying to the beat. Cars better watch out, cause you'll probly be in the zone.

That concludes this bloggy blog post. Stay tuned for other cool stuff that I might share with you later. As we all know, summer has officially begun. Guarantee I'll have some pb's comin in the next few weeks too.

l8r h8rz

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