Sunday, June 5, 2011


Day 0
This is Day 0 cause we got there on Wednesday, and that doesn't count as one of the ofsaa days, duhh. We arrived at our hotel in Sudbury and immediately went outside for a warmup run. Alex and I had to leave a note for the late arrival of our roommate, Mohamed, telling him not to touch our stuff or "I'll punch you in the legs." The note also mentioned where he had to lay his stuff and where he would be sleeping. We figured since there were only 3 of us in the room, each person would get their own bed before their race the next day; I raced Thursday, Alex was Friday, and Mo was Saturday.

Day 1
We got a decent sleep-in, waking up at 10ish to catch a 12 o'clock bus. As we made our way to the track, the hype was big, and the race to the sweater line was even bigger. That line is always long, and it stays long for hours. The trick is to find someone you know that's already standing in line and start up a conversation. I did that a few times until I ended up right at the front in no time (please use this knowledge wisely, no one likes an obnoxious line-cutter).

My 1500 race went okay. I ran my second best time, but it wasn't very close to my best. I've had a terrible cold for a while now though so I can't make too many complaints about the kind of race I ran. I finished in 4:05, almost ready to close my eyes fall and asleep right when I sat down.

Day 2
Once again we got a nice sleep-in, bused to the track and found the shaded bleachers near the finish line; ready to watch the steeple chase finals, and 1500 finals. Between those were some impressive 100s and 400s; Andre Ford capturing a national record running 10.53 over 100 metres... in grade 10. Ouch, call the fire department cause this kid's hot. Also, Brandon McBride posted a nice sub 47 second sprint in the 400, winning the senior event as a grade 11. The 15 final started out slow. Denault ran a sick race, leading most of it at a comfortable pace knowing he could have a shot at winning if it came down to a kick. It came down to a kick. Yves took it. King also ran an extraordinary race coming from the back of the pack to take 3rd. Have a look.
Day 3
This was probably the most exciting of all 3 days. We had a bunch of 200 finals, 800 heats, 800 finals, and 3k's. The only problem was that it started off in the pouring rain. We got to the track and headed inside Laurentien University. They have an indoor track with basketball courts surrounding the middle, so a few of us decided to play some b-ball. It didn't take long for Denray and Mo to start a shooting competition before the races began. It went a little something like this..
(the first one didn't count) Shout out to Mohamed Souleiman for also sinking 3 for 5, but not telling me to film it. It must've been a pretty good warmup cause Mo ended up placing 6th in the 800m. Although, as we were playing Seb was reading a book right beside us and he came 3rd, so I might hit the books before my next 1500.

That's all I can think of right now, and I gotta go do some stupid english assignment.
So bye bye my friends.
- Scott

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