Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Respect the Rules

The rules of shotgun are quite simple. The first person to yell "shotgun" once they're in sight of the car gets the front seat. Now, in the past, 'shotgun' has been used to call the last burger in the freezer, or the last slice of bread that isn't the end piece. I would like some opinions, if there are any, why the shower cannot be subbed in for a car, burger, or slice of bread..

Today I walked out of my bedroom and into the hallway with a towel wrapped around my hips. I was intending on simply and peacefully making my way through the threshold that is the bathroom door, dropping my towel, and turning on the taps of the showers, with no complaints, interruptions, or whining. Yet, here comes my brother Sam, walking straight to the washroom with his towel upon his waist thinking to do the exact same thing as me. My cat-like reactions immediately shot through my body; telling my mouth to shout out the well-known and well-appreciated word "shotgun". I knew I had my brother beat. I could walk proudly past him and into the shower with no hesitation.. if he was someone else. Quickly after I yelled shotgun, my soon-to-be nineteen-year-old bro claimed that we had to do rock paper scissors - best two out of three. I tried to convince him that my shotgun call held true, but as my mother came bounding up the stairs contradicting me, I figured I had to cave. "Alright fine, two out of three."

We both started out with rock. Strong choice. Nothin' beats rock.

Thinking he would immediately change his fist to paper, I laid down scissors.. terrible move. Sam came back with rock again and beat my flimsy cutters.

Alright, so this guy's just doin rock, I'll try my third option. Boom, he lays down a rock again but it quickly gets covered by my paper. The score's 1-1, there's no way he's gonna hit me with another stone.

I'll go back to rock. Nothin' beats rock. He finally changes his game plan. As he pulls out the scissors, his eyes lock onto my fist and a sign of regret rolls down his face. Never choose scissors.

So is it my fault he didn't obey the rules of shotgun? Or is it my fault the rps gods and shotgun gods came together to smite him? Or is it my fault I'm really good at rock paper scissors? Who knows.. but next time, I'm not doing scissors.


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  1. This blog post had me at the edge of my seat