Friday, July 22, 2011

The End of Something Beautiful

You know that feeling on a really nice sunny day when you just wanna go outside but can't because you have to clean the kitchen first? Or when that girl you've had your eye on for weeks texts you inviting you over late at night but you can't go because you have to be up early the next morning? Or when your favourite TV show is on but you can't see it because your brother's already watching a different show?

Me neither. But I bet it sucks.

Just like when I wanna run but I can't because my foot hurts. "You're such a wuss", "Be a man", and "Suck it up, bitch" are a few different statements that were directed at me from the boys at Lions. But I just ignore them 'cause that's what my mom always tells me to do when I'm confronted by bullies. Hope to be back up and running soon.

As for the facial hair, this is goodbye. After four short weeks, I've come to the conclusion that I need to move on in my life. This was just a phase, and although it was worth it, some things in life are better kept as memories. So holla, Scotty's back. Please admire who I am today before you see who I will become tomorrow.

Happy July!

Love Scott


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  2. this is definitely the beard talking bro. ;)