Friday, July 29, 2011

The Second Wind

We all know the feeling. We've all run a long race before. The second wind. The feeling you get in the middle of a long run that gives you the power to speed up; the feeling that relaxes your body; the feeling you look forward to in every race. Typically seen in more extensive forms of exercise, the second wind is rare because it rewards the body with a new breath of air after an athlete has run out of such air. Such air we need every day. Such air we live with. Such air we run with.

Although second wind is a well-known running term, it is also commonly confused with gas escaping the back side of one's body. Saying that, if someone produces a "second wind" while running with you, they've obviously already released a "first wind", so I would suggest you either take the lead, or stop running with this person. C'mon, that's common knowledge.

I bring this topic up because track season is coming to a close. Cross country training will begin shortly and the importance of a second wind (insert your own definition here) is key. The ability to take advantage of this burst of energy can make a big difference in the outcome of a race, especially if you're at the front of the pack during your second wind (insert your own definition here).

I'm here to teach you.
Scotty D

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