Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's A Sport?

Running is one of those sports that's so perfect it may as well be called the king of all sports. Do you need a bike? Do you need water? Do you need a racket? Do you need protective gear? Do you need a ball? No, all you need is pure speed from the core of your body. You can even do it with an ipod, mp3 player, or walkman if they still make those..

Our sport is your sport's punishment. Our sport is what everyone else hates doing. But I'm okay with that cause I hate playing baseball, and soccer is pretty lame too. Here's the thing, running is incorporated in almost every sport with the exception of swimming and curling*. You have to be fit to do any sport competitively; you have to be able to run.

As I move on from my very bias opinion of running, I will now discuss what it takes to be a sport. Yea, I'm talking about what constitutes a sport as a sport. My brother Sam ( believes there to be 3 different types of sports out there.

The "goal sports" such as hockey or soccer where two teams must score goals on each other. This usually includes nets, and/or protective gear, and/or goalies, and/or trash talking.

The "point sports" such as tennis or volleyball where two teams or players must score points on the opponent. This usually includes a net in the middle of a court or field, and ideally, half-naked women running around in the sun.

The "racing sports" such as swimming or running where it's literally a race to the finish. This usually includes a track, or specific enclosed area enabling the audience to see competitors up close. Exceptions: NASCAR, Kentucky Derby.

So where does curling fit in here? Some could argue it's one of the "point sports", sure I'll somewhat agree with that. But what about diving? Or figure skating? Or weight-lifting? These. Aren't. Sports. I'd be happy to hear other people's opinions but as far as I'm concerned, these are activities that just so happen to appear in the Olympics.

That's all I have to say. Thank you.
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  1. running is gay, triathlon rules. I do agree though beach volleyball (women's) is the most spectator friendly sport.

  2. Lol! What are field events in track?

  3. They're just games to watch between races