Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploding Your Ears

I was about to write a crazy post about some new stuff happening in my life.. until my facebook homepage was invaded with multiple friends sharing the same link over and over. When something like that occurs, all you can do is click on it.

My brother Sam and a few of his good buddies have been making music for years. It's what they love to do. One day when I got home from a run (see, this blog's about running too) Sammy came up to me and asked what my opinion on 'Baers' is for a band name.
"Bears, bears, how do you spell it?"
"B-A-E-R-S. Baers. Or should it have a 'Z' at the end instead of an 'S'?"
"No. Baers is good. Keep the 'S'."

Days, weeks, months down the road this music has been playing every time I see Sam. After posting songs on his blog, facebook, and twitter, Baers was finally recognized on in an article today saying that they're "almost as underground as you can imagine". I'll quote the article again with "I've never heard of the Baers before and boy have I been missing out."

Check out these mix masters.

If you're interested, there's a few more songs here that I couldn't embed. They're different, and definitely worth a look.


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