Saturday, September 3, 2011

Something About Reese's

My lack of blog posting over the summer only makes me more excited to blog this month. So don't chirp. School's starting.. blah blah blah yea it happens every year. I have better things to talk about.

So check this out.

Ya know that Reese Peanut Butter Cup commercial where the two cups come together and start turning like gears? It's nice. Here it is.
The song playing in the background is a great song. This great song just so happens to be on my ipod. Since it's on my ipod I happen to listen to it quite often. Since I listen to it quite often I happen to know that it's a song about love. When two people come together and work well they can form something beautiful.

Like when chocolate and peanut butter come together. I've always loved Reese's, it was something I grew up with. At the store or on Halloween, Reese's was always there for me. That's why I think this commercial should be longer than it already is, and maybe incorporate some of the song's lyrics into it to truly display the love that is made when chocolate and peanut butter mix.

Here's the song.
Just a little somethin that was on my mind.

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