Thursday, October 6, 2011

Really not a recap

Phew. Last Friday was my first meet of the season. Recap? I think so.

Such a beautiful day it was; back on the final day of the 9th month of the 2011th year since Jesus died. The sun was shining bright and everyone's smiles were shining even brighter. After watching some future OFSAA champions run the elementary school races, it was time for the midgets to break-in the course. Then all the juniors. Then the senior girls. Then it started raining. Then the senior boys got to run.

But who doesn't like a bit of rain cooling them off throughout 7 kilometres of running? I'll tell you who; probably a small child.. or an elderly man searching for the meaning of life.

The race was smooth. I felt good and kept up a decent pace. Although there came a time when I thought I had about 2k left.. that was like 6.9k into the run. Awkward. I took home the silver while Glebe took gold and bronze.

Next race: Saturday - noon - St. Lawrence University.
21 universities will be showing up this weekend, the Ottawa Lions will have to run hard.


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