Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OTFA and Movember

The wind almost blew me over at OTFAs.

Just kidding.

But it was windy.

I was gonna make a video about the meet and put it in this post but I got too excited about the race and didn't film too much. So I'll just write about it.

The course was flat. Oh so flat. The biggest hill took between 5 and 7 strides to climb. It kind of made for an interesting race. With 3 long, flat, park loops representing our course, the pace didn't slowed down. A pack of about 7 guys took off from the start and never looked back. Luckily, the pack included me. By the halfway mark of the race, our pack had whittled down to 6. Then 5. Then 4. And the rest is history.

I'm happy with a 4th place finish. Mickey and I were two of the youngest guys in the U20 race because Vince wanted us to make a team with Kieran Day and Alex Berhe. Our boys took home gold, along with the youth girls.

Here's the race. If you're more interested about just seeing the finish, you can skip to the 20-minute mark.
In other news, my Movember got DESTROYED due to the necessity of having the perfect grad photo for my mom and dad. It was a painful goodbye, but I'll try again next year.
Peace & Love
Scotty D

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