Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Gryphs

"3.. 2.. 1.. Go."
The cold, crisp air grasping the cheeks of ten guys fighting for their spot on the road. Second after second, minute after minute, 20 shoes colaborate to form the intervals of a championship-winning team.

"3.. 2.. 1.. Go."
Stride after stride after stride. Snow flies out from under each foot creating a white cloud around the runners. The legs are picking up the pace.

"3.. 2.. 1.. Go."
The breathing is only getting heavier. Panting, sniffing, coughing. Every guy is trying his hardest; every guy is working. No one's talking.

I worked out with the Guelph guys on Friday afternoon, it was quite the cold run, but I felt good. Ian had no food in the house when I got there so I just had a piece of lemon mirangue pie that my mom sent with me and I was good to go workout with the team. Food is overrated anyway.

Overall, recruiting weekend was good. Got to meet some big runners; got a lot of free meals, including some latenight wings with two-time ofsaa medalist Mr. Shawn Masters. Who knows if either of us will go to Guelph, but they gave us free towels so... it's lookin good.


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