Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Running is an Art

Steve Prefontaine always believed that running was a work of art. I've had trouble believing this over the past few years though. I've always thought that running was just a sport. You just run. It's hard; it's physically and mentally difficult. But overall, you're just pushing your body. You're simply running.

Today at practice our group was running some 3k stuff. Some 800s, some 1000s, even a 1200 in there. I ran the workout with Alex Berhe. We were goin. We were givin' 'er. It was only after we had finished the workout when I came to my "running is an art" realization. A man came up to me who had been watching us run and said, "Nicely done." Nicely done? Nicely done? I repeated those two words over and over in my head. They fit so well together; they blend; they mix like soap and water.

He didn't say "Good job" or "Good work" or "Great workout" or "Lookin good" or "Way to go" or anything along those lines like a regular person would say. No he said "Nicely done" like I had just painted a portait of him laying down naked with a fruit basket. That's when the idea came into my head that I had just created a work of art.

This is one of my favourite scenes from any motion picture in the history of motion pictures.