Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Running is an Art

Steve Prefontaine always believed that running was a work of art. I've had trouble believing this over the past few years though. I've always thought that running was just a sport. You just run. It's hard; it's physically and mentally difficult. But overall, you're just pushing your body. You're simply running.

Today at practice our group was running some 3k stuff. Some 800s, some 1000s, even a 1200 in there. I ran the workout with Alex Berhe. We were goin. We were givin' 'er. It was only after we had finished the workout when I came to my "running is an art" realization. A man came up to me who had been watching us run and said, "Nicely done." Nicely done? Nicely done? I repeated those two words over and over in my head. They fit so well together; they blend; they mix like soap and water.

He didn't say "Good job" or "Good work" or "Great workout" or "Lookin good" or "Way to go" or anything along those lines like a regular person would say. No he said "Nicely done" like I had just painted a portait of him laying down naked with a fruit basket. That's when the idea came into my head that I had just created a work of art.

This is one of my favourite scenes from any motion picture in the history of motion pictures.



  1. haha, paint me like one of your french girls!

  2. first time on your blog. nice. best movie ever.