Thursday, May 10, 2012

National Capital Shmack and Shmield

Conquered my first steeplechase today! Well, that's not true. I did a 1500m steeple 2 years ago in the dome, but there was no water pit and the barriers weren't very high. It's basically like when a girl says she's had sex but it didn't count cause the guy was a jerk and it was a mistake.

K that was my first sexual reference on this blog.
Felt good.

Berhe and I ran the 1500 steeple today. I can't say it went great, but I can't say it was bad. It came down to the final hundred, right after I leaped over the last barrier with the wrong leg and landed in a half-retarded crouching position whilst trying to keep my balance by flailing my arms. Neither of us began to sprint because we both knew that we'd pay for it in the 3k later. I can't say that I didn't try to push out my chest at the finish line, but I won't say that that's why I took home the win.

About 6 and a half hours later, the Open Men's 3000m came along. Oh such an interesting race it was. 60 kids of all different ages were lined up; from all different schools around the city; all with different goals; all wondering how on earth they were standing on the start line with 59 other guys. I'm pretty sure there were more racers than spectators at this point during the day. BANG. The gun went off.

All I can say about this race is that Palamar booked the last 400 without hesitation. Right as we heard the bell, he took off. Classic. Berhe passed me with 200 to go. Classic. Didn't go down without a fight though, managed to beat him on the last stride. Classic.

Good day at the races for Nepean and The Ottawa Lions. West Conference Next week. I'll be bringin it.

This iz ma pump up muzik


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