Saturday, June 2, 2012

Final Donald OFSAA

Last year by this time I had already written like 4 blog posts about the track meets leading up to OFSAA, so I'm gonna do what I can to squeeze them all into one right now.

West Conference:
For the first time ever I was convinced to 'triple' at a track meet. Running the 2k steeple, 1500, and 3k all in one day isn't necessarily what most people call 'fun', so I was forced to take a few of 'em easy.

Rock paper scissors decided the 3000m. After winning the odd-man-out RPS against P-mar and Berhe, I made it to the finals against Marshall. The finals occurred mid-race when he and I dropped back from the pack to play best 2 out of 3. Nothin beats rock. EXCEPT FOR PAPER APPARENTLY. I lost 2-1 and was forced to surrender any home stretch kick that I had.

National Capital:
Tripling again, but over the course of 2 days, I went out in search of a sub-4 1500m performance. An accomplishment that no Donald has ever seen before. Such a task that has had me training harder than ever just to defeat the dreaded "four minutes". After going through the first 800 metres in 3:52 pace, my legs suffered the consequences. Coming in behind 4 other guys, I was able to carry myself across the line in 3:59.

The 3k was quite different. The plan was to take the race slow so that we could get in a good workout a couple days later.  With 200 metres to go though, an unexpected occurrence had Berhe and me on our toes (literally). The up-and-comer, Adam Richardson, had sat on our butts for long enough and made a move. Now, at this point I was considering letting him go because I had already secured my spot at East Regions, but what's the point in running a race if you're gonna lose right? Caught him.

East Regionals
To me, this meet is bigger than OFSAA. It always has been. It determines whether or not you compete at one of the biggest high school track meets in North America. You gotta get there, and the rules are simple: You come top 4, you're in. Anything else, you're out.

This time I was man enough to drop out of the steeple.

By my calculations, Thursday's 1500 started out at 4:04 pace for the first 800 metres. A little slow for any other meet, a lot slow for a meet that held everything on the line. Finishing at 3:59 once again, my last 700m was at 3:54 pace. I came 5th but I'll be seeing an OFSAA light as a few guys ahead of me are scratching the event.

Another personal best in the 3k, coming 4th at 8:39.

Sikubwabo and Coughler finished dead even for both races. Although I wasn't able to see either finish, I heard it looked a little something like this one..

To see the final lap you can skip ahead to the 3 minute mark.

So I'm OFSAA bound. Once again I'm the only person from Nepean but that's alright. Represent.
1500 heats on Thursday
1500 finals on Friday
3000 finals on Saturday

Ta-ta 4 now, @scotteeedeee