Sunday, September 9, 2012

Something Worth Blogging About

It's been months since I wrote one of these! And if you're asking why I chose to finally write another post after giving you guys nothing for so long, here is my answer:

Imagine yourself running. You've got your thin socks on, you've got your Nike running shoes (or in my case Mizuno), you've got your short shorts or your spandex, you've got your favourite polyester t-shirt, you've got your time-keeping device usually known as a watch, and you've got any other swag that you think you've gotta have in order to look the best that you can while running.

Now add people. Whether it's your closest friends, or runners in the community, or it's your running team. In my case today, it was all three. 17 of us were simply running down a dirt road in Antigonish, Nova Scotia on this gloomy, cloudy day when somebody ran passed us. He said hey. Totally normal.

"Wait what?!?"

"Who was that???"

"Was that-"

"That was-"

"No it wasn't."

"Yeah it was, I know what he looks like!"

"No way."

"Yea that was Eric Gillis!"

"Should we turn around?"

"Nahhh should we?"

"I'm turning around."

So three of us stopped dead in our tracks and started chasing down Olympian Eric Gillis. About halfway through the chase we actually realized what we were doing. We were trying to catch the 22nd best marathon runner in the world. I'll admit it wasn't easy, we ended up putting a good 3 minute tempo into our long run in order to get him. But when we got him, it was totally worth it.

He asked us our names, he asked us about the team, he asked us about our time trial from yesterday, he asked us our favourite colours..

Okay I lied about that last one but he may as well have asked us our favourite colours because we're basically best friends now.

We were only with him for about 5 minutes until he had to peel off and finish his run, but I'm tellin' you right now, it was the best 5 minutes of my life. Okay, maybe best 5 minutes of the month or something, but turning around and chasing him down was one of the best choices I've made in my short-lived life.

After leaving the Olympian and continuing our 20k run, the 3 of us had so much to talk about. But the cool part wasn't that we got to see him. The cool part was that we realized we never even asked him any questions, he was the one interviewing us and pestering us with so many questions that by the time he ran off by himself we were left there speechless.

Eric Gillis - weighing in at 128lbs with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Maybe I have a future in the sport of running..

Good to be back in the blogosphere.