Thursday, October 18, 2012


There aren't very high predictions this year for St FX cross country. We're just the farm kids out east running through cows and hopping over fences. We're the team full of misfits. We're the guys and girls who go out on our long runs and drink the river water when we get thirsty.

No website or university has our men's team ranked better than 8th, and our conference has taken a few rough comments, one of which being called an "informal gathering of like-minded lobster farmers".

But enough of dissing my own school.

Here's why X is one of the top contenders in London 2012:

We know how to run.

I'm sorry if you were expecting any more than that. Pretty lame reason. Pretty far from awesome. Kinda like going to a bar and ordering a PBR, but then getting a bottle of FatTire instead, what a terrible disappointment! Sup Watson? (

Time for a recap of UNB. Ahh Fredericton. Such a beautiful city, where the grass is green and the girls are above average. We knew this would be the team's biggest challenge yet, having won our first 3 meets more easily than Adele capturing the souls of millions. Laval was coming over from Q-town and they were tryin' to set fire to our rane. 

Luckily for us the french boys made a little video of the event for everyone to watch. I can be spotted a few times in the mix, finishing 3rd for the team with our 4th and 5th guys right behind. X took home silver but we made it a close race, hopefully giving Laval a bit of a scare.

Here's the race:

St FX will be at CIS.
St FX will run.
St FX will be noticed.

Until next time,
- S.D.