Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So Unbelievably White

Christmas just got a little whiter..
Also this:
Thank you for sparking a little more whiteness and beauty in our lives.

From the staff here at Mileage Kings,
Merry Christmas to all.
Adrien & Scott

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Letter to Santa

If you were thinking of sending Santa a letter this year I've put to together a tutorial on how to write the bestest one.

- scott

Friday, December 7, 2012


Date: December 7, 2012
Time: 5:37pm
Attire: Mizuno running shoes, brother's socks, black tights, red shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, jacket, watch, toque, gloves

The cold wind struck our faces and covered our bodies like a cloud of fog blanketing the lake at your cottage on an early Saturday morning. The night had already risen and daytime wasn't to be seen for another 13 hours, at least.

If you don't go to St FX then you wouldn't know about Liquor Lane, the 700 meter stretch of rubble leading from campus to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation. The path is used on the daily by students all across campus in search of thirst quenchers, and today it became the first 3 and a half minutes of our run. Yet, Liquor Lane crosses right through the middle of our school's cross country course.

"Yo wanna run through the course?"
"Let's do it."

But it wasn't just "running through the course". It was running through a dark-filled forest. Picture turning off all of the lights in your room, throwing the blanket over your head, and closing your eyes. That's how I remember this run.

Oh did I mention it was just 2 of us?

Riley and I had to hold hands the whole way.

As we entered the forest, hand-in-hand, our eyes hadn't yet adjusted to the darkness of the path. Step by step we ran, just waiting for something to jump out and attack us..

I let out a holler, "AH!"
Riley let out a girly holler as he squeezed my hand tighter, "AHHH!!!"
"Just a puddle," I said.

It was only a puddle but I was there for him.
And that's what friends are for.
Here's a song.

lol bye